Clients on Demand Cost, Concerns

Russ Ruffino, founder of the Clients on Demand, has one of those rags to riches stories, that claims that his story can be somewhat relatable to those people who are still trying to start their journey to the top. Just like most founders of these online courses, we don’t know if their back stories are real or fabricated just to entice people that if they can do it from the bottom, then so are you.

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Clients on Demand was founded in 2010. It is an online training program that teaches you how to charge appropriate rates to potential clients while offering your services. Downside of this is that their program is not for beginners. You should already be a coach or a consultant, in any niche, and with that, they will further your knowledge of how you will earn more by the use of their program.

To get hold of your potential clients, Russ believes that one must find your services, can cater their needs, can reach your price of entry without asking anything for free or upfront discount, trust your capability, and appreciate your time and ideas. Well, these all are true if you’re already a known coach of the niche, but if not, let’s get real. Who would they choose, you or Russ’ program which has been around for more than a decade?

Russ says that you don’t need to create your own podcasts, ads and blogs just to promote your business or services but what does CoD do? They are the ones who do those Facebook and Youtube ads, posting on social media and even have their own podcast just to introduce and make their program well known to the public. How cliche was that? We don’t need to do it, but you did? Nice try.

Availing their program can help you learn their so-called cutting-edge techniques , which can help grow your business successfully and make you earn upto 6 to 7 figures monthly. But they have a point in the “About” part of their website where they are telling you that “Don’t work with us if you want to (Get Rich Quick)”, like, uhm, okay? Then what happens to 6 to 7 monthly? That’s what you call Get Rich Quick if you ask me. Well anyways, they do like to contradict themselves.

The program costs a big sum of money that’s worth $9,000 to $15,000 based on Trustpilot since there is no joining cost included in their website, not unless you make a phone call yourself and ask them. Once you’re inside, they also have an upsell that costs roughly $30,000-$50,000. I don’t know what else they’re offering besides the program but those are not cheap. Yep, those prices are not for average Joes like me nor for individuals who are starting up.

They teach coaches how to coach other people. Coach-ception it is. It is like a pyramid scheme if you ask me, but they have a program, so it’s more like an MLM setup. They ask their students to promote their program to other people so that more people will avail the program thus more income can be made but you will not have incentives nor commission after you recruited someone.

Other than profit, you can gain a lot of experience and they provide the utmost customer support on everything you need to do. But we all know that the coaching industry is as saturated as it is right now and while we’re at it, their program cost can be a real headache for some people who just want to widen their expertise. There may be some people who earned by using their program, but it is risky and too expensive when you fail as a coach.

To sum it all up, whether you avail their program or not, your life as a coach is already good as it is. Coach pay varies depending on where they operate and what type of things they’re coaching. Coaching a company gives you more incentives than coaching an individual since the company has all the funds to pay you as long as your ways are deemed successful and ethical. Joining a program doesn’t guarantee you success to begin with, it’s all within you on how you will be successful.

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