Clients on Automation Review (Ed JC Smith)

Clients on Automation apparently can help you change the old ways, like doing 1-on-1 appointments, 24/7 on the phone finding prospective clients that in time will make use of your services and many more. Their website’s full of testimonials and positive reviews from people who have tried their methods, but can we say for sure that their ways are proven effective? Let’s get to learn more about their system through my Clients on Automation review below.

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The system is a step by step process that gives you the quickest way to grow your coaching/consultancy business into 10k months or more without getting overwhelmed by what the internet and technology has to offer nowadays. Well there you have it, a system that claims to help you earn fast cash, is 100% guaranteed to earn your ROI but has a disclaimer that if ever you’re not earning through the system, we’ll stick with you until you do or you don’t need to pay.

They don’t need to promise that “no earn/don’t pay policy” if they already claimed that their system works well and even told us a perfect success rate unless it’s a reverse psychology strategy of theirs that works wonders. It’s a plug and play system that will automatically generate leads on high paying clients that need your services since they’ve done most of the parts needed like creating ads, funnels, emails, sales process, etc. Easy life, ain’t it?

But there’s no easy life in doing a business. Building a 6 to 7-figure business requires a huge financial investment, time, energy, and dedication to become successful. You can’t tell people that they’ll have it easy after they make use of your methods because if ever your system really does work wonders, then their businesses will be bursting with new clients and customers, thus will make them more busy than your average business owner. 

If you ever wanted to have a feel on what their system does, they offer free demos to interested clients and their team will personally assess your situation and will see if they can either help you or not. This means that the system is not a good fit for everyone. There’s no criteria whatsoever posted on their website which suggests that everyone should at least try to apply for their free demos. As far as the cost of the program is concerned, clients invest on different levels so the only way to know how much you will be paying is by giving them a call and discuss what will be the best solution suited for you.

Given that they’ve got a lot of positive reviews on it, they should’ve narrowed it down or so, so that people do not waste their time applying for free demos if they already knew they’re not a good fit, right? People already know what they can and can’t do. That’s why they’re looking for courses, systems, programs that best suit their concerns, meaning they don’t have all of the time trying each and everyone one by one just to find the perfect fit for their needs.

What sets the system apart from anything else in the market is what Ed’s done using a methodology to build an 8-figure business as a coach himself. Supposedly, you’re learning from someone who doesn’t have all of these, who started from scratch. Does it really differ from everything else? I think I’ve heard countless programs that said the same type of testimonial. Maybe all of them. They even claim to be the best in the industry, then all programs are the best in the industry, LOL.

Even Ed himself stutters whenever he does youtube videos, one of the questionable ways to prove that a person is lying, or overrating his or her proposals which in fact does not do better than any other programs/courses out there. Just that 100% guarantee ROI in months is a sign of overestimating. We can’t blame them if that’s their way of enticing people to avail their system, it will be our fault to believe in such BS.

I believe that Clients on Automation is not a scam, neither do I recommend you to avail the system. 100% ROI guaranteed given a set period of time is an overstatement. The best in the industry, my ass. Such BS does not guarantee you success, my dear friend. What you can learn from him is that if he started from scratch and became successful, then so can you. Stay away from these kinds of offers. Just a reminder.

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