CloeCouture (Cloe Feldman) Net Worth

Anybody can become famous online. That statement can be taken as inspiration or as a threat. Personally, I don’t think I could ever handle being famous for anything. All that unwarranted attention can be unnerving. I guess fame is just something that I never really wanted in my life. Some people want to become famous because they think it could lead them to some form of success. It could. But it’s hard to tell sometimes. In the case of being a content creator, that’s how you can possibly earn a living.

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Not all content creators are in it for the aspect of possibly earning money. I mean, it definitely helps them buy the stuff they want and need if they could earn money from it. Most of the time, content creators just want to share their talents to the world. The word content creator feels kind of weird to say though. But that’s the term that encompasses all of the different platforms. In a way, I am a content creator.

One of the places that people seem to get famous on is YouTube. Even though that a lot of people are into TikTok nowadays, YouTube is still the place to go when it comes to videos. Or, if you’re too lazy to download TikTok, compilations of videos made for other other platforms. There have been so many people who have managed to make a name for themselves on the platform and made it their business.

There’s just something about YouTube that sort of lends well to people starting their own company based on the brand that they’ve made for themselves. Again, it feels weird to refer to people as brands. But we often show just one aspect of ourselves to people online. That’s essentially what your brand is. It’s kind of hard to sustain a personality that you are known for. Anything but seems like a disservice to the brand that you have built.

The weird thing about YouTube is that anyone of any age can find their audience on the platform. Somehow there are kids earning millions of dollars to review toys??? And that lead them to have their own line of toys. That’s a real thing. But since they’re only a kid. Their parents are the ones who handle the business aspect of it. It’s amazing how that happens, though.

I never really go onto the makeup side of YouTube all that much. I mean, there’s probably a lot of helpful videos about what’s the best brand to use for a certain type of makeup. But there’s probably a listicle out there somewhere saying the exact same thing. So I never was exposed to videos being made by people like Cloe Feldman or better known as CloeCouture.

Cloe apparently started her YouTube channel when she was in high school. It sort of makes sense, honestly. A lot of younger people are more technologically advance so they know their way around the platform. Like a lot of channels at the start, they often upload a bunch of different types of videos to see what sticks. In the case of Cloe, it was the videos about fashion and makeup that did it for her.

Slowly but surely, she managed to find her audience. You shouldn’t be surprised if girls her age are looking for somebody who are the same age as them. By then, her subscriber count grew a bit with every upload she made.

There really isn’t much else after that. She managed to get to more than a million subscribers by 2016. Depending on how you look at it, that’s still a considerable amount of people within a few years. At that point, she had to be everywhere all at once. All of her other social media accounts lead to her channel. Because that’s where she earns most of her money.

Sometime in 2020, just before the pandemic, Cloe took a break from YouTube. At that point, she had a net worth of $3,000,000. During that time, she moved to Bali. She eventually uploaded a video in June 24, 2022. That video started a bit of a rebirth for her channel. She dropped the “couture” from her channel name.

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