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Click Clone Cash is another one of those online systems promising that you can make a hefty amount of money, with less work possible. From the looks of it, it seems to be a sort of “Set And Forget” kind of moneymaking system that anyone can use, even those with little techie knowledge. From this pitch alone, you can already tell that it’s too good to be true. And quite frankly, it is. Click Clone Cash is totally guilty of “selling a fantasy” to others, yet it ends up failing hard. So as early as right now, I’m suggesting that you don’t even bother with this system. And I’ll tell you even more in this review.

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As the name suggests, Click Clone Cash basically revolves around the idea of “cloning” other websites that have already proven themselves to generate money. There’s actually very little information presented anywhere about this system exactly works. All I’ve known so far is that you’re going to be charged a certain fee for web hosting, then they’ll find some websites that are known to generate money, and make a somewhat exact copy of that site and make it your own, for you to earn money. At least, that’s what the promotion materials for this system claim.

The owner of Click Clone Cash is someone named Josh Owens and/or Tim Atkinson. The confusion stems from the fact that, as far as I’ve looked, there’s very little information available about who these guys are. Like there are literally hundreds of people with the name “Josh Owens” and “Tim Atkinson” all over Google, and none of them would match with the founder(s) of Click Clone Cash. Sure. There’s a promotional video that shows Josh’s face promoting CCC, but I can’t even tell if that’s even him. It could also be possible that they aren’t even the founders of CCC at all, that they could just be a front for the real owners of this system. There’s even talk that Josh Owens is just a paid actor for CCC’s promotional video. Which seems to be the case here.

And speaking of promotional videos, the one for CCC is also a big sign that this system is not to be trusted. The video consists of a guy (implied to be Josh himself) flashing images of his luxury life, consisting of exotic cars, fine dining in expensive restaurants, traveling to different vacation spots, going on beaches, jewelry, and even some yachts. Here, Josh says that Click Clone Cash has changed his life for the better, a lot, and it’s possible for others to emulate his success as well. The big red flag here is that he claims that it’s very easy with this system, which is not at all. It is possible to change your life and be wealthy. However, it’s not going to be as easy as Josh claims. If they say it is, then it’s obvious that they’re lying.

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You can register to Click Clone Cash for free. But then, the system will then encourage you to sign up for their pro hosting account which can cost between $90 to $153 every month for 6 to 12 months. Not surprisingly, once you’re inside, you’ll then be bombarded with plenty of upsells that promise to improve your experience in the program, possibly letting you earn more or something similar. Each upsell could cost you up to hundreds of dollars but won’t even let you earn anything. But why would you even spend any money on this system if there are already too many warnings here?

Because ultimately, what will you get after you register and pay for the program is…nothing. Yes. Absolutely nothing. You won’t get any website cloning or whatever is promised in their sales pitch. All you’ll get is a hosting service for your would-be website, but you’ll still be doing your own website for this purpose. I’m going to assume that you’ll get your own done-for-you website once you availed of any of the upsells that are going to be presented to you once you join. If so, it’s blatant false advertising on their part.

Overall, it’s best if you just stay away from Click Clone Cash completely. Don’t even bother shelling out any amount of money for this. It’s as clear as day that this is just a scam waiting to prey on innocent people who think it’s an easy way to make money. Always take note. There’s no system out there that can make you get rich quickly. If someone tells you otherwise, they’re simply scamming you.

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