Credit Repair Cloud Review (Daniel Rosen)

Daniel Rosen

Daniel Rosen mentions that you can start your very own credit repair business that you can do either full-time or part-time with Credit Repair Cloud.  In fact, Credit Repair Cloud is everything you need to start one with its easy all-in-one system. And to sprinkle some typical guru stuff in it, Daniel adds that you can be your own boss and make a great living out of his system. Is it legit? Find out in my review below.

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But before anything else, let me give you an overview on what credit repair is. It could be common sense knowledge from someone in the US,  but a complete mystery for everybody else. So,  credit repair is the process of correcting or restoring a poor credit score. So many ways a credit score could plummet incorrectly, and so are the ways to fix them. Disputing incorrect info that may be incomplete or inaccurate is the most common fix, but you can also go the route of reducing the overall debt load.

Why would you want a good credit score, then? Simply because a good credit score will open up more loan options with very favorable terms, including higher loan amount, lower interest rates, and lower fees. You’ll also get access to the best credit cards, best insurance, and more housing options that you typically don’t get with piss poor ratings.

You’ll take advantage of the fact that everyone wants their credit score good and not the other way around with a credit repair business. And you can do it remotely with Daniel’s Credit Repair Cloud. Again, this is not just a software, but a system that’s been guru-fied by Daniel. And so you’ll be encouraged to sign up for their #CreditHero Challenge to get started. Can’t get way more obvious for a thing following the typical guru script.

‘Nyway, let’s talk about #CreditHero Challenge. Here, they’ll show technical tutorials such as how to read credit reports, how the credit system works, how to identify common reporting errors, and how to follow a simple step by step credit repair checklist. They’ll also include relevant stuff like how to attract clients, how to get testimonials, and how to approach your friends and family without being “salesy” (sounds like MLM to me, but carry on).

And they’ll show all of that with the following: 14 days of credit repair business startup training, fast track credit repair business roadmap, credit repair business workbook, and unfair advantage credit repair sheets. The price of Credit Repair Cloud #CreditHero Challenge? Well, #CreditHero challenge only cost $47.

Credit Repair Cloud Review

Not that bad, huh? Well, wait ‘til you hear about the upsell… C’mon guys and gals, you should’ve expect this sh*t with the way Daniel tries so hard to follow the typical gurus. Specifically, you’ll get an upsell of a 6-week masterclass that costs $997. So f*cking pricey. And obviously, you’ll also pay for the access of Credit Repair Cloud software that costs $197 per month. Mind you, the subscription figure here is much steeper than  other similar credit repair software.

My thoughts on this? It’s legit doing its job as a credit repair tool on-the-go, but there’s just better software out there that’s cheaper and better in providing customer service. And yes, the main sentiment of disgruntled customers is Credit Repair Cloud’s almost non-existent customer service. You can only reach them via email as there is no chat support. And I thought being left on read via phone chat is already terrible, ugh. Also, they’re too trigger-happy to remove anyone from their Facebook group when one gives the slightest hint of dissatisfaction that doesn’t fit their “happy positive manor,” SMFH.

Besides, why sign up now when Daniel and the entirety of Credit Repair Cloud got sued for allowing his clients to charge illegal fees – violating Federal Consumer Protection laws such as the Telemarketing Sales Rule (TSR). From the words of acting CFPB director David Uejio, Daniel and Credit Repair Cloud “facilitated and encouraged credit-repair businesses to charge illegal advance fees, causing broader consumer harm in the marketplace.” Yikes. Here’s to hoping that you’re not as scummy as Daniel. Just like me, don’t proceed with his training that would likely teach you his unethical ways. Just don’t.

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