Anti 9 to 5 Club Review (Alex & Wayne)

Anti 9 to 5 Club Review

Anti 9 to 5 Club definitely got its aesthetics from a famous LA streetwear named “Anti Social Social Club”, but I don’t think they’re as popular as the said brand. I’ve only heard about the program and its founders Alex Marz and Wayne Hudson from a Mike Sancho’s podcast that featured them. I’ve reviewed this truck guy Mike before here and I don’t recommend his thang. Will Alex and Wayne have the same fate? Find out below.

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E-commerce on autopilot, that’s what Anti 9 to 5 Club promises to its clients. Here, they offer a DFY dropshipping store where they handle product research, order fulfillment, store management, and all that… Everything except the capital requirement, of course. It’s all on you. The price you pay to make passive income, amirite?

What they’ll do in this turn-key opportunity can be categorized under labels build, manage, and scale. In the build part, Anti 9 to 5 club is expected to manage the entire application process, create the storefront, and conduct in-depth product research. Doing all the bits and bobs that are required to start a dropshipping store, essentially.

Then, in the manage part, it’s all about running the store and its day-to-day ops. They’ll sell the products, manage returns, and handle customer service. Lastly, the scale part includes Anti 9 to 5 Club growing and scaling your store further. Doing all that while you sit back, enjoy the ride, drink Piña Colada, and collect passive income.

Also included is them drafting you an exit strategy, so that you’ll have the option to sell your store for 10x profit. Not three, not five, but ten freakin’ x! Sounds like wishful thinking coming from a program that’s not even two years old yet, but whatever.

And yes, you still own 100% of the store despite not running it on your own… As you should since it’s your money who’s doing the heavy lifting here. These DFY providers just act like they’re unsung heroes doing you a huge favor when they’re not. As if they’re not paid a lotta Gs for their work, psh.

Speaking of payment, the initial cost of Anti 9 to 5 Club’s dropshipping “expertise” is around $15k. That’s excluding liquid capital requirements, of course. I expect that’s anotha $25k outta your pocket. Too pricey, I know.

Anyhow, what makes Anti 9 to 5 Club a bit different than the usual DFY providers is their Facebook Marketplace automated dropshipping offer. That’s right, it’s not only Amazon and Walmart where they do their DFY thang, but also on Facebook. Facebook! We really talkin’ about the app known for housing boomers and their terrible memes, yup!

According to Anti 9 to 5 Club, you’ll only need a third of the usual Amazon/Walmart investment to get similar returns in Facebook Marketplace. Which is, for the lack of better term, a figure they probably just pulled outta their ass for the “wow” factor. I don’t think people come to the app to buy stuff other than crusty couches and overpriced second hand junk. It’s like a garage sale, but online and crappier.

Alex & Wayne

Regardless, they still continue on praising Facebook Marketplace. Calling it as an “untapped platform” where consumers are apparently in the ready-to-buy stage, with daily payouts and no payment lockouts, and with no seller fees unlike Amazon. Alright then, that sounds interesting at the very least, but dropshipping is dropshipping, and I’m still not impressed anyway.

There’s a lotta reason why I’m not a fan of dropshipping as a business model. Besides the fierce competition, I also don’t like dropshipping because of the following: Low profit margin, little to no control over the supply chain, legal liability issues, and difficulties in building a brand. Generally speaking, it’s not practical.

Such a difficult space to be in, and I don’t trust Anti 9 to 5 Club to get you a winning biz here. They simply don’t have the social proof to tell me otherwise. Seeing Wayne looking high as a kite in their pitch doesn’t help either. I’ll only let the man cook if we’re talking about cooking meth TBH. That’s why I won’t recommend Anti 9 to 5 Club and their DFY dropshipping “Business In A Box” offer.

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