The Ecomm Clubhouse Review (Sarah Chrisp)

Sarah Chrisp

Sarah Chrisp hated her experience as a salesperson by a LOT. I can’t blame her, maybe she’s unfortunate enough to pull so many Karens as a 15-year-old checkout chic. This is what pushed her to start her own online store which will soon be her successful dropshipping and print on demand biz. That was years ago. But it doesn’t matter according to Sarah, she can still teach you how to make money with it today through her course. I doubt it and I’ll tell you why in The Ecomm Clubhouse review below.

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Fun fact, Sarah is an avid fan of drinking fancy coffee. She rarely posts on her Instagram, but you’ll notice her love for coffee right away. I mean, she’s usually posting photos of her with a cup of coffee instead of posting with the usual Ferraris. Personally, I associate the love for drinking coffee to hardworking individuals and those who hustle hard. Such stereotype fits the bill of Sarah. Indeed, she’s working really hard to have multiple streams of income.

Anyhow, she’s not just earning her money from selling courses. Apparently, she’s doing what she’s preaching plus other biz such as affiliate marketing and cashing on monetization checks on her YouTube channel. The said channel named Wholesome Ted actually provides a sneak peek of what her paid course has to offer.

Moving on to her course, it’s commendable how she’s transparent she is with the contents. Every topic is listed on the course’s site. The main point is she’ll be discussing how can you be successful like her in dropshipping and print on demand. This is through a step-by-step video training of over 10 hours. What’s better is that she includes a training on SEO so you can drive traffic to your store organically without paying boot load of money to paid ones like Facebook Ads. If you want to take the paid ads route for some reason, then Sarah has a tutorial for that too.

Specifically, the video training is arranged chronologically per parts. First part is selection of niche through what Sarah calls a three-phase system. Said system will incorporate  your own personality profile to identify which niche will probably suit you. Next part is sourcing and choosing your products. Here, you will learn how to find products and/or designs to sell. Third is about setting your Shopify store so you won’t need to pay someone like Mikey Cass to set them up for you. Fourth and fifth part is learning how to upsell on big orders and how to get traffic to your store (aka setting up ads and building your brand).  Lastly, she’ll show how to make the biz semi-passive through automated print on demand apps like Oberlo and Printify. This costs for $67 a month with a 7-day refund policy.

Not a fan of subscription type of payment and short refund period but at least, fee is quite affordable. Still, I’ll suggest sticking to her free YouTube content rather than pay since the difference in depth is almost negligible. A basic YouTube tutorial turned into a lengthier but still basic paid video training. It’s not just me, it’s also from the reviews of other students who expressed similar disappointment.

The Ecomm Clubhouse Review

Most importantly, you better steer clear from a business model who earns a “deadshipping” moniker. It’ll be so difficult to stand out on a highly saturated market unless you’re an established influencer with some clout already. It’s a volume intensive endeavor too so you need to sell a LOT to earn considerably.

I’ll also note that I don’t agree to Sarah when she says that you’ll be fine in a print on demand industry without any artistic bone in your body. It’s not like NFTs wherein a sh*tty Kevin NFT from Pixelmon collection will sell for 8 Eth (around $2.9k) because crypto bros are stupid enough to ape in on a meme project. You need to be creative yourself or you’ll likely need to hire artists. If you’re just starting, outsourcing right away is not the best financial-wise.

To make the long story short, I don’t recommend paying for Sarah’s courses primarily due to its business model. I like her personality and the way she presents herself. Maybe just a personal bias but I’m tired of other financial gurus flexing luxury cars and all those shiny things. Sarah is not like those gurus. It’s also not her fault that the biz she’s preaching ain’t that viable recently. Sorry to haters of minmaxers, but you have to stick to META business models if you want a decent income.

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