Coach Micheal Burt Reviews – Former Basketball Coach Is A Lier?

Coach Burt Review

Micheal Burt the so called “Super Coach” as they say. The guy behind the chair for leading The Greatness Factory towards unprecedented success. He was also Recognized globally as an expert in igniting the Prey Drive that he wants to instill in the minds of his clients. 

He claims to master the art of successful monetization. He created a two decade legacy to share what life taught him. 

His influence extends beyond boundaries, empowering top performers across diverse fields to break free from limitations.

If you’re ready to know what’s behind the mind of a super coach and you got some hoops to hit the rims of success, why not join me till the end as we get a deep dive understanding who Micheal Burt is…

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Micheal Burt Beginnings

Coach Burt

On a podcast of Steve Sims, Micheal Burt shared he was raised by her 16 year old single mother who works two jobs every single day. 

Her mom always leaves him at the baseball field for hours and hours. During this time he met a female coach who tended to him, fed him and took care of him. 

This coach acts as his surrogate parent while on the field. She also inspired the 6 year old Micheal to become the best coach in the future.

Micheal Burt believes he has a knack for coaching and started basketball coaching career at 15.  He has intensity and positivity in his mind to always seek excellence in what he wants to do. 

Around years ago at the age of 18 Micheal Burt got his first coaching victory. He claimed the championship at the elementary school he once studied. He continued coaching elementary teams for 27 years.

He was even shared where he got his inspirations like  Dr. Stephen Covey’s “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People,” and “Whole Person Theory,” and this become his basis in training his body, mind, heart and spirit.

Burt at the Age of 22 became Tennessee’s youngest head coach under the team of Riverdale High School and guided the team to unparalleled heights. 

His program penetrated the global media and garnered attention leading him to write 14 books about transformation and growth.

Moving forward at the age of 31 he transitioned from sports to building a multimillion-dollar coaching empire and founded Monster Producer Program. 

Burt with the program continues to empower people and with a 43% growth Consistency.

By 47 He’s now titled as America’s coach not only because of him being a coach but his contribution in the business world.

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What does Coach Burt have to offer?

Super Coach

I’ve just listed and have the breakdown of what things you need to know on what Micheal Burt has to offer:

Private Coaching

It’s one-on-one coaching with the master. Bro literally give you the opportunity to work with him hand in hand.

Whether you’re seeking to up you game with business strategies, reinvigorate your prey drive, amplify how you monetize the tactics and to avoid pitfalls, accelerate the revenue growth of your investments and businesses.

He claims that he’d be delivering you to an unprecedented success.

Tailored Coaching Experience

this part is where you spend half a day, one day or even two full days of learning and coaching with Coach Burt himself.

It is said that consumers or the subscribers of this coaching will delve into the crucial aspects of their businesses, from structuring and strategizing to attain clarity on their future endeavors. 

Activate Your Prey Drive, Enhance Your Monetization, and More:

I ain’t going to repeat Prey Drive but as long as it pushes someone to gain and enhance there monetization, based on there web page Coach might tell you the secrets of monetizing but I myself is has doubt about this one.

I bet there’s no secret but just basics of do’s and don’ts with a sprinkle of his take on some matter upon monetization.

90 Days of Ongoing Access and Bootcamps

Cool thing they claimed that this coaching doesn’t end with the day you’ve spent with Coach Burt but you’ll still receive ninety days of access to coach burt.

Well that’s good so you can still get guidance onwards to hone what you attain plus an access to their boot camps that suits your needs as they claim it will be tailor fitted with what’s your goals and so you can ensure growth and development.

Explore Upcoming Public Bootcamps:

You can participate in whatever upcoming programs they have and build your network. Sounds good for someone who’s starting and looking for potential partners or investors.

Now with everything that this Private coaching entails let me tell you everything may sound good but this coaching would really surprise you in terms of how much you will be paying.

As of now based on their webpage the lowest price would be a whooping fifteen thousand dollars and that’s only just half of a day.

The Full day price was doubled with $30,000 and lastly the two-day is a bit $40000 dollars at least that’s a bit forgiving still it’s up to you to decide whether the amount is worth or not Im just giving you my insight to this matter.

Team Coaching

This coaching is dedicated for a team in order to transform your team’s potential though it was said that not only the Coach but some other “certified” coaches will train you on their respective bootcamps and it dedicates a 90-120 day cycle of coaching and training.

  • Tailored Coaching for Lasting Impact: It is the 90-120 days cycle of intensive boot camp. Where teams get trained to identify their strength, challenges, and aspirations. They claimed the coaching approach was never one-size-fits-all.
  • Coaching Cycle for Ongoing Growth: This one also provides the growth via igniting the teams Prey Drive and enhancing everyone’s unique capabilities.
  • PrivateBootcamps with Coach Burt: nothing to explain much about this either happened within their properties or somewhere else.
  • Why Choose Team Coaching?: as they claim this is the coaching that impacts a lot with long term results that make the betterment of the organization.

Programs & Events of Coach Burt as of 2024

Coach Burt has 4 programs as of the moment of this posting. Firstly we have “The Competitive Intelligence Program” which claims to be the fusion of skills, knowledge, desire and confidence.

It gives you the know-hows in order to manage yourself, business or even your organization in driving it towards your goals.

Second of this program is named “THE COACHES LOCKER ROOM” so are we seeing what’s behind closed doors, I mean why a locker room and why it’s his locker?.

Kidding aside, it claims that this locker room title encompasses how it was the same as the locker room wayback him being a coach.

The place is where you deconstruct wins and losses, it might be your what if’s and should’ve had done, making you think on how to avoid mistakes and improving oneself into victory.

Third program is “What’s Next” . It mostly caters to people who’re already on their peak or starting out and asking what’s their next move or should they go bigger. 

Last program he introduced was “The Exchange”  caters to entrepreneurs and business owners. Definitely good for those people who’re building their networks.

Coach Burt will also be traveling over 10-cities to dedicate and to empower individuals to be well capitalized. 

Well after the pandemic fiasco it’s time for him to go city to city and teducate while earning bucks for himself, Let’s be real Coach. 

You’ll just be taking that money from your attendees and spouting things like improving yourself, releasing your prey drive, etc. 

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The Greatness Factory of Nashville

Greatness Factory Nashville

It was Coach Micheal Burt’s visionary concept for manufacturing greatness in both the physical and digital realms. 

This dynamic space blends innovative coaching programs with cutting-edge professional development centers.

It also empowers you to work, learn, grow, and connect.

You can also Cultivate your greatness, where every step is an opportunity to activate your knowledge, skills, desires, and confidence. 

It definitely offers spaces along the prices that’s available on the page. 

It offers a lot from: Co-working Space, Private Offices, Theater, A Foundry, Money lab, and a Podcast Studio. 

It is astonishingly a place for business like minded or an individual who wants a place to meet people and make networks of same minded people. 

How much does it cost?

Micheal Burt Programs, Events and Greatness Factory is a bit pricey; you’ll be needing $500 up to $40,000. Still, his books are cheaper if you just want his knowledge. 


I would certainly not recommend his programs nor events and not even leasing a space on hisGreatness Factory.

The substantial financial commitment required to engage with Coach Burt is overwhelming. 

Additionally, there are testimonials from individuals new to Coach Burt, expressing that certain programs, events, and coaching sessions are not tailored to their skills and talents, and more importantly, not aligned with their financial capabilities. 

If you’re contemplating adopting Coach Burt’s philosophy and gaining insight into his mindset, it would be more prudent to invest in his books. 

Not only will this option save you a significant amount of money, but it will also provide you with the majority of the knowledge you seek. 

Other market options are available all you need to do is scour the internet and cross check who and what can tailor fit your needs if ever you still feel lost check my recommendations.

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