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Coach Josh (real name unknown) says that once you came across his YouTube ad, you should first stop anything you’re doing at the moment, and pay close attention to the video. Especially if you would like to learn a reliable and ethical way to make from $2,000 to $10,000 or even more, every week. And you don’t even need to learn any of that techie stuff like building websites, coding, anything. They’re promoting this as a business in a box, but how does this work exactly? And is this even legit? Let’s find out in this Online Profit Coaches review.

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Throughout the YouTube ad, you’ll see plenty of people flashing their thousands of dollars worth of checks. This is because they want you to assume that these are testimonials from real people and they’re legitimately earning from this system. Even the speaker himself does it, too, as he says in the video, “Plug into the most powerful, automated, direct sales business. Members can earn commissions within days of joining this program. Guys, this opportunity is absolutely on fire right now and we are just getting started. Can’t make this stuff up, this is all real money.”

And then we go to this girl in the testimonial video, who says she got way more than she bargained for with this. And then we see more people flashing their checks that are worth $3,000, $7,000, $14,000, even $21,000. And then we go to some random guy wearing a Yeti hat, “If you’re looking for some sort of opportunity to make money from home, if you wanna make extra income while you work your full-time job, if you’re trying to get outta your full-time job, you’ve got to look at this thing. This’ll be the most important thing you check out this year.”

Then, we go back to Coach Josh. “I recommend you go watch the webinar video, the frequently asked questions video, you’ll need to call into the VIP Success Coach hotline, and the only question you’re gonna have is: How fast can I get signed up? We build your website for you, okay? A professional website and sales funnel. And within two or three days you’ll be marketing this opportunity the same way I am. You get started at one of our stater levels, you’ll get ad credits to jumpstart your business.”

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“Maybe you hate your commute, maybe you don’t like your boss, guys, you gotta check this business out,” yet another guy in a visor says. “It’s amazing, it’s absolutely changed my life, and then some. I’m so excited about it, I’m gonna be doing this full-time forever. I’m telling you, this amazing system works. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity.” And this is where the YouTube advertisement ends, as it asks you to click on the link and register for the “free webinar.” Which I did.

The so-called “webinar” itself isn’t really a webinar. It’s more like an hour-long pre-recorded video that only serves as a sales pitch for the business model itself. And what’s being discussed here has more or less the same idea as the one being discussed on the YouTube ad, only with a much longer sales pitch. Furthermore, they mention that the products are one hundred percent digital, there’s no overhead, and every few slides the amount you can supposedly make gets higher and higher. However, as the so-called webinar continues, the true nature of the business model becomes a bit clear.

Basically, what you need to do is to buy one of their product packages, and that’s mostly it. The sales funnel, the so-called “buyer traffic”, the customer service, even the email swipes, all will be provided for you. You’ll even be provided with so-called “success coaches” who will be responsible for closing the sales that you can make. And once they make a successful sale, you’ll earn a commission. The commissions you can earn are based on what product package you bought, and they’re offering four packages for it: Gold ($3,000), Platinum ($7,000), Diamond ($14,000), Royal ($21,000). Note that these costs are subject to an admin fee. The higher the value, the more commissions you can earn.

There’s just one huge problem about this: You don’t exactly have an idea of what you’re going to sell. I did some more digging on this, and I found out that most of the products you’re going to sell here are just some online courses that contain content sources from PLR sites. Meaning they’re most likely of very low quality. Furthermore, the business model itself has a strong hint of it being something like an MLM, or even a Ponzi scheme because you’re not selling physical products. Overall, just stay away from Online Profit Coaches.

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