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Top 3

Amazon FBA is the usual go-to business model of those who want to explore their entrepreneurial side. No need to think about setting up your own warehouses and couriers as Amazon got you covered with their FBA offer. All you gotta do is sell… of course, this is easier said than done. Hence, it is so common for wannabe Amazon sellers to learn from Amazon FBA coaches first before jumping right in. Scroll below for the top 3 coaches on my list.

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The reason for listing my top 3? It is for a fact that Amazon FBA coaches, along with their programs, are not created equal. From my experience of reviewing hundreds of courses online including Amazon FBA programs, I can say myself that the coaching circle, generally speaking, are littered with sh*tty programs. To be fair, a lot of these programs under the sh*tty categories are offering average to decent content. The problem is the content not being worth the price they’re asking.

Worse, some have disguised themselves as decent programs through ingenious yet misleading marketing. But once you get to the other side, you’ll see nothing in this sh*tty programs but BS, obviously.

I don’t want you, a reader here at Suugly, to fall for traps like that. No more expensive lessons that need to be learned. That aside, let me start revealing my personal top 3 Amazon coaches in 2022. Note that I’m leaning my rankings towards cost and budget-friendly programs.

Coming at number 3 is Brock Johnson’s The Last Amazon Course. Price-wise, I don’t think you’ll ever see something close to this (for a paid program, at least). For as low as $1, you can access more than 375 video training sessions, downloadable resources, and community for a week. 

The flexibility is helpful if you’re only after certain parts of the course. For example, you’ll likely finish and learn from 3 hours worth of  beginner’s training within a week and only for a single dollar. 

For lifetime access to the said materials, you only need to pay $24 or even lower if you decide to buy a usually discounted version from Udemy. Meanwhile, you’ll pay $39 if you want access to Brock’s livestream on top of that. 

My only issue here is Brock getting too comfortable in rambling and talking too much fluff. It’s not just me, it’s the common complaint on him and his course. I also don’t like his association with Tony Robbins as evidenced by a photo of them together on the program’s website. If you’ve read my review about Tony and his virtual event, you’ll understand why I don’t approve of this. Long story short, don’t flex your connections with shady individuals.

Moving on to number 2 is Jim Cockrum’s Proven Amazon (PAC) course. It’s not entirely about Amazon FBA but on making money out of eCommerce in general. If you want some variety, you’ll be able to choose from numerous strategies ranging from newbie friendly ones to advanced options. The cost is $29 per month or $499 for lifetime access to the course materials.

Amazon FBA Coaches

The downside? Aside from the expensive cost of the program’s lifetime access, you’ll also get an upsell of one-on-one coaching with Jim. And from the reviews I’ve seen so far, it’s nothing but hate on the coaching. The latter is not worth a thousand dollars or more, just stick to the course’s material.

Finally, the top 1 on my list goes to *drumroll* Kevin King’s Freedom Ticket course. For only $39 a month, you’ll get access to the frequently updated Freedom Ticket course plus subscription to Helium 10’s eCommerce tools. In short, you’ve got beginner-friendly Amazon FBA training with highly-rated software that you’ll likely need in your biz.

You’ll only have an issue here when you don’t need the Helium 10 software and opt for a lifetime access that costs $997. Too pricey without the software subscription, IMO.

So, there you have it. That’s my personal top 3 Amazon FBA coaches above. They are the guys I’ll recommend if you’re hell bent on choosing Amazon FBA as your preferred business model. And also, it’s good if you want to learn from an organized curriculum rather than from the usual mess when doing your own research. Just note that I still don’t approve of Amazon FBA as a business model personally. It’s too saturated right now to sniff any sort of success, IMO.

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