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Trey Cockrum Review (Consulting Blueprint)

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Trey Cockrum is a well-known YouTuber who specializes in posting videos related to the making money online niche. As of this writing, his YouTube channel has over 27,000 subscribers, which is actually a modest number for an influencer. He does admit that he’s far from a household name, though, butif you’re looking for someone who can show you how to sell your expertise, coaching, or consulting services on the internet and make $20,000 to $50,000 per month, without having a big audience, direct messaging strangers on Facebook, or creating complex funnels, then he says he may be the guy you’re looking for.

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A little history about his internet career. He’s actually a guy who seemed to have tried almost every online moneymaking method there is. Back in 2017, he was actually dropshipping as a means to make money. He even created his very own course about it, and that is actually still available for purchase. If you’re curious about it, it is called Smart Shopify Dropshipping, it will cost you $494. He even tried social media marketing in 2019, and it seemed to be profitable for him. Today, he now aims to teach course creators how they can sell their expertise, using his Consulting Blueprint.

Trey says in his video advertisement. “You have advice, you have expertise, you have knowledge that the world needs. And I wanna help you spread it. I want people to be impacted by what you understand. And if you’re just one step ahead of people, you can sell them that step. You do not have to be the be-all end-all expert, you just have to be one step ahead of your market and you can put a price on that understanding and bring them into your coaching or whatever it is that you’re gonna do, okay?”

Trey then asks if you can imagine yourself earning upwards of several thousands of dollars worth of income every month, while still positively affecting others. Isn’t that a great feeling already? And what if it was sustainable and enjoyable so that you could build real wealth for yourself and your family? Trey claims that it’s a much better experience if you’re able to achieve that. However, he emphasizes that it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme at all (unlike MLMs), and it’s a legit business model. In fact, Trey states that there are 3 pillars that you need about this business. Offer, marketing, and sales. Mastering these 3 pillars can make a huge difference between the exploding success of the disastrous failure of your business. It sounds simple, right?

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However, Trey warns this. “Don’t let the simplicity of the three pillars fool you. How you do each is the difference between zero and a million a year in revenue. The only clients I’ve seen succeed are the ones that ascend effortlessly executing on all three with mastery. No exceptions. There are really only two categories of consultants and coaches online: unmastered and mastered. The unmastered are unsure where their next client’s gonna come from and they’re scared of losing the ones they have.”

Trey then continues his statement. “Then there’s mastered. They have total control over their business. They’re at ease with the growth of their company. They can command high prices, work with dream clients, and wake up each day to three to five high-quality sales consults with people who’re ready to invest in help. They can scale predictably, get results for their clients, and work in a state of flow. Now look, this is not a pipe dream, this is legitimately what we do for our clients. I could show you my own schedule, it’s booked solid [with consults].”

What you should be striving for is to improve your value and build trust with your intended audience to make sure that, instead of you having to chase them for your offer, it’s them who’s going to come to you. Position yourself as an expert on the subject matter, and gain credibility, maybe with the aid of a few peers who are willing to make a testimonial about you. Combine that with an effective marketing campaign, like SEO, organic social media, plus paid ads on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, and you’ll be a winner. So if you like Trey’s help for this, apply for his Consulting Blueprint program, and have his team help you build it all out. There’s no mention of how much it cost, but some say that it could be $5,000 for everything. Too expensive, yes. But it may have some value, considering that Trey seems to be a trustworthy fellow.

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