Codie Sanchez Review (Contrarian Thinking)

“Before the money, the success, travel and titles, I was a journalist. I’ve experienced almost every type of life in the continent and have documented it.”, says Codie in one of her youtube videos sharing his origin story. Her mission is to bring more humans, like us, who want to make our own story and find our unique gifts to share them to the world. Get to learn more about Codie in my review below.

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Codie Sanchez is a reformed journalist turned institutional investor. Without even a slight background in finance and with a background in journalism, he asked a lot of investment firms like Goldman Sachs and Vanguard ways on how to get more green (money) before she started her own firm. She co-founded Unconventional Acquisitions, a program that helps you acquire profitable businesses, mainly focusing on small business acquisitions in the micro-private equity space. In 2020, she founded Contrarian Thinking, which now has over 1.5million subscribers. 

Contrarian Thinking basically is a newsletter made by Codie that allows people know how to make diversified income, whether through side hustles, investing or startup building. It helps you rethink ways on how to earn, invest and run your own businesses which in time will allow you to be the architect of your own life. What Codie has in mind is that she wants to get rich together with a lot of people, and not doing it secretly just by herself.

They have different sets of playbooks, because none of these are rocket science. You just need to know how to play the game, how to make your money work wonders etc etc. they break down specific ways on how to cash flow, how to think critically because there’s no real wealth if you fall prey to things that people are already doing. The real money is where the majority is not doing, you get me? Like the mindset of Andrew when he founded the Dope CFO.

As I mentioned Dope CFO, I also found out that Codie was listed as one of the 25 Most Innovative Leaders in Cannabis. That’s just additional information for you that I just wanted to share, that’s all. Whether Andrew and Codie know each other doesn’t matter anymore as we get a move on this review. To get back to the subject at hand, Contrarian Thinking is basically weekly ideas, brainstorming and then specific playbooks on how to execute them. 

In the community that Codie built, it is most necessary for a critical thinker to have the ability to ask questions. It helps people get riled up, not in a bad manner though. Getting all riled up makes you, as person, express and share every idea that you’ve been thinking, and you have to learn to love and defend those ideas. Not to get too emotional because that’s an example of bad communication. All is good with clashes of ideas and then respect each and every idea they throw at the end of the day.

The next skill to have is being a good negotiator. Even if you haven’t noticed it yet, we do negotiations every single time, everyday. Some common things like “you do this, I’ll do that” kind of stuff, that’s negotiating. Codie will tell you to negotiate every deal you make or every investment you’ll make and it will become second nature to your well being, and it will have a big impact on your business.

“You, my friend, is one of the few who do, as opposed to the many who talk”, Codie says as a means of encouragement to people. She created all the necessary tools that you might need in developing the previously mentioned skills and many more that apparently can guide you in investing, growing wealth and building businesses without the expense of being away with your loved ones. In their website, you’ll find 5 different courses plus a list of their playbooks.

The course with the highest fee that I saw on her website is the Mastermind course that costs $7500. It really does not come off as cheap as you think it is. But I don’t think she’s doing these things as a means to scam people. She even has a youtube channel with 233k subscribers in it. What more can I say? You can still be the architect of your own life without the help of these courses.

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