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Do Deals With Me Review (Cody Sperber)

Cody Sperber

Cody Sperber’s Do Deals With Me has a business opportunity that’s related to what its name implies. That is, an opportunity to work with Cody and flip deals together. And oh, the title of the YouTube upload where I saw this thang describes its promise best: “You find, I flip, we split profits,” with Cody doing the flip. Sounds fair and square if you know nothing about wholesaling, but it really isn’t. I’ll tell you why below.

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For me to effectively explain why this thang is kinda unfair for you, let us go beyond the words “find” and “flip” that simplify the wholesaling process way too much. To be fair, some of the things I’ll go about are mentioned by Cody. But unlike him, I won’t sugarcoat anything about the risks involved here nor downplay the hard work you’ll be doing yourself to make it work.

I’ll start first with the definition of wholesaling. In real estate, wholesaling starts with finding a motivated seller, negotiating with them, so they agree to put their property under a contract, then selling it to buyers for profit. The first two major steps I mentioned are the acquisition part, the one you’re responsible for. On the other hand, the last one remaining, the disposition part where the flipping happens, is Cody’s.

So, let’s get into the thick of it, shall we? Finding motivated sellers, contrary to what Cody assures, is not simply a job for “hard(ly) working button pushers.” Sure, there are online skip tracing tools like Cody’s that can give some leads. In my experience, the leads in those apps are usually sh*tty ones. Y’know, those tired of getting phone calls bajillion times a day from peeps like you, whoops.

In the end, you’ll be the one required to step up and be crafty in finding, and then negotiating with these motivated sellers. Who are, BTW, people (more than) willing to part with their properties for quick cash. And, so, being crafty with finding means you’ll pay for online ads out of your pocket, put up “we buy houses” signs, and go house-to-house to prospect yourself.

That’s why in this particular setup, you’ll be called a foot soldier to someone, usually the damn gurus, without getting paid as one. What’s worse is you’ll pay them, Cody here in particular, to get a chance to work FOR them, and not really WITH them. The price of Do Deals With Me might be affordable upfront (Do Deals With Me actually costs $97), but it can go easily out of hand with all the subscriptions and “necessary” upsells he’ll push hard on ya face.

But wait, that’s just the “find” part. You’ll also do the bloody negotiating part. No, it’s not just as simple as reading from a script like Cody mentions. If that’s the case, he and his team will do it themselves, but guess what, they don’t. If you don’t have any sales chops in ya body, you’ll definitely have a hard time as a no name agent. If you have one and are keen on doing this real estate thang for some reason, then how about doing all the wholesaler process yourself instead of involving Cody?

Do Deals With Me Review

Closing a deal with cash buyers is another challenge, sure, but you’ll experience a similar bit anyway with Cody’s. Meaning, he can just refuse the property under contract you have, the one that probably took you blood, sweat, and tears to snag, because t’was not good enough. Trust me, he’ll likely pull a Jerry Norton and find the smallest of flaws in your work, but then use it to populate the database of his skip tracing app anyway.

In conclusion, Cody’s business opportunity in the Do Deals With Me program is unfair to you because you’re not supposed to pay him anything in the first place. You’re doing the grunt work FOR him, a free training is the least he can give. He won’t, obviously, and I’ll say that it’s what I expected knowing him.

Expected from him, a notorious money-grubbing mofo who’ll push vulnerable people into 401k and credit cards just to make a sale of his programs. Then, he’ll make sure he keeps the money by putting confusing refund policies (cheap courses with longer guarantees, while only putting three days for the pricier ones). I won’t be recommending Do Deals With Me and any other programs of his, that’s for sure.

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