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Justin Colby

Justin Colby believes that it takes a unique type of  individual to be an entrepreneur. “I think we’re all a bit crazy,” he adds. C’mon dude, maybe you’ve gone cray cray, but not me… not us! In all seriousness, what he’s saying is it takes some boldness to start a business. What he got is a real estate biz  after all… those usually require making a leap of faith to get going. Read on for my complete review.

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Justin is a real estate mogul and investor that claims to be an expert on flipping houses.  But before he became what he is now, he had to struggle first. After a failed attempt at starting a biz, he had to sleep on his friend’s couch because he lost his home and car. Yup, he lost everything besides his dream of getting out of this rather sticky situation.

Dead broke, but not dead. That’s what he probably thought when he didn’t let those adversities faze him. I should say, the more you know about him, the more you understand his sentiments I mentioned earlier. He’s a bit crazy (but in a good way) fosho, he’s down bad yet he’s not afraid to risk what’s left of him on flipping houses. Huge gamble, but hey, it paid off. 

Over 1,800 real estate deals in seven different states later, he decides to share his experience and expertise under the banner of The Science of Flipping. He got a book, a podcast, and several conferences named after it. You can say that he’s known as The Science of Flipping dude. Which is why I’m not surprised a bit that he also uses it to name his slate of coaching programs.

“The #1 training  and coaching system to launch, grow, and scale your investing business” is how he describes The Science of Flipping coaching. Of course, he’ll say that, why would he badmouth his own program, right? Just like how he encourages peeps to apply for mentoships to “save yourself from unnecessary struggles and consequences.” He’ll say that obviously because he has a coaching program, duh!

Still, I’ll give props to him and his program for having a perfect five stars rating on Trustpilot. Kinda makes the number one claim of his less far fetched. However, I should also mention that the reviews there are for his two-day virtual event and not for the premium coaching offers posted in The Science of Flipping website.

What are those? It’s either Level Up Coaching, Elite Partnership Program, or variation of the two. The most basic one named Level Up Coaching is a six-month all virtual access mentorship with weekly live calls, member support through email and phone, and access to a private student community. Training library, call recordings, entity setup, lead machine CRM, transaction coordinator, business toolbox, and business resources are also included.

Justin Colby Reviews

For Level Up Plus Coaching, the difference from the one I mentioned above would be the duration of the training (from six months to 12 months), member support through email, phone, AND Voxer, and access to one live event per year (contrary to only virtual access). Add Elite Partnership Program to the mix and you’ll get Elite Coaching and Mastermind and Level Up Plu Elite Coaching that’s good for twelve months and twenty four months respectively. Both will give you access to all live events and use Concierge exclusively for member support.

How much does he charge for such? Well, you have to schedule a call with ‘em to find out. That’s a bummer, I know. Is it hard to tell the price without probably smothering us with high pressure sales talk? I just want to check prices in peace, that’s all. Not his thing, unfortunately. With that said, my estimate for the cost of Justin’s offers starts at $5k.

Personally, I would NOT recommend any of his paid programs. And it’s not really because of him, but the business model he chose to be in. Good for him that he (apparently) succeeded in this house flipping thang, but the odds of replicating that W is very low. It’s not as easy as it looks like, mind you. The money, time, and skills requirement is quite insane for beginners, and the current housing market is not favoring house flippers at all. Hence, you’ll likely flop than flip regardless of having a mentor like Justin or not. The way he’s out here coaching rather than flipping is very telling, y’know.

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