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How To Be Cold Review (Stephiscold)


Stephiscold is the alias Stephon Clinkscales goes with. As he should. That goofy ass name straight outta Harry Pottah doesn’t sound good enough to be taken seriously within the coaching space. And yes, he’s a fitness slash dating coach, and founder of How To Be Cold program. Speaking of which, Stephiscold calls it as “the coldest program you’ll ever get.” Why, though? Will I recommend it myself? I’ll answer that in my review below.

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The premise starts with Stephiscold using a very popular reference from The Matrix. Y’know, the blue and red pill. And just like the protagonist in the movie, you’re supposed to choose the red pill, says him. Like, alright, thanks for the suggestion dude, but what do these pills even mean in How To Be Cold?

Well, let’s start with the blue pill first. To him, taking the blue pill means that you’re being a beta, a simp, a crybaby, fat, and easily manipulated. In that order. On the other hand, taking the red pill means you’re choosing to become cold, become an Alpha, someone other respected, financially independent, and much more. Oh, psh! This gon’ be bad fosho, dude talking ‘bout Greek alphabets outside physics.

Gon’ bad, it is. He proceeds with how nice guys finish last… Heck, how nice guys don’t even finish the race. Consider his How To Be Cold the red pill to help y’all men understand that nice guys don’t win, what’s the true nature of women, and how to be the most attractive version of yourself by maximizing hypergamy (or dating up). All done with the so-called cold philosophy.

First of all, let’s focus on the dude revealing the true nature of women. A cis man telling what’s the real scoop on me and every woman there is… sounds about right. If y’all couldn’t tell, I’m being sarcastic. F*ck that. It’s not only the audacity to mansplain women on who they actually are when, obviously, he’s of the opposite sex, I’m also not liking the way he generalizes women.

Like, okay, you’re a “weak beta simp” before who does things right. Y’know, buying the girl dinner, dropping her off to school, and all that. Despite you being broke too which is a YOU problem, and not the girl’s. Yes, you failed to get that girl. That’s life, right? Right?

But no, your bitter ass had to really call her out for being tossed around dudes. Like, ‘xcuse me, it’s not your f*cking problem. She ain’t yo girl in the first place. These are the same guys too, commending their fellows with the same lifestyle as some kind of god. Whatchu gonna do, compare women to locks that are not supposed to be opened with lotta keys or sum sh*t. That’s the problem, why compare us to locks when we’re not goddamn OBJECTS. 

And also, what’s with you claiming that she’s easy to get when you deadass can’t get tha p*ssy yourself. Newsflash buddy, you can always try not being a classic nice guy aka doing the bare f*cking minimum, and maybe don’t expect girls to sleep with ya for doing no sh*t too, no?

The same rejection is the reason he’s saying that all women are bad bitches. Not only in the sales page of How To Be Cold, but on his recent YouTube videos. This thinking is apparently part of being an alpha aka a “real” man in the dude’s words. Besides the toxic masculinity, hating on women and preaching to do ‘em dirty is definitely not an Alpha behavior. It’s being an incel, you dumbass.

How To Be Cold Review

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against self-improvement which is also a theme of the program. But the obsession on hating women every step of the way is just repulsive af. Trust me, the majority of us won’t appreciate the BS this n*gga is preaching. And it’s not like y’all buying this would have his abs and social status that could fool a girl or two. 

Obviously, I won’t recommend it. And I’m not only looking out for the girls, I’m also concerned with the dudes who legit just want to up their dating game. Lots of ways to do that, but being misogynistic definitely ain’t it. 

And I know How To Be Cold only costs $77, but it’s still overpriced for teaching common sense stuff like brushing your damn teeth. If you don’t know such, then too bad, you’re likely not ready for dating yet, g. Speaking of “g”,  to end this review, I’ll mention that he’s also consistent in calling his audience “g”. Funny because he’s probably catering to dudes that can’t find that “g” spot in women. Whoops.

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