Cole Gordon Review

Cole Gordon

Cole Gordon claims that what’s stopping other people to succeed is not time, money, or information. For him, it is the unwillingness to commit to mastery over time. He promotes his Remote Closing Academy as a program to provide you mastery on telemarketing and closing high-ticket deals. Read this Cole Gordon to learn more about him and his program.

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Cole Gordon is an internet marketer and seven figure entrepreneur who claims to be an expert remote closer. He created Remote Closing Academy which is primarily a training program to improve you or your team skills as a telemarketer and closer. It is done through laying the foundation required in such field such as restructuring of pitch, one on one mentorship and coaching, call reviews, implementing daily huddles, and hiring a setter. The program also provides services for clients in need of hiring new sales representatives and other done-for-you service.

Before pursuing a career in sales, he was a bartender who is only earning $18,000 a year. He was burned out of the said job; it is tiring while he remains to barely able to make ends meet. He does not want to work 80 hours in a week anymore for pennies, so he pursued a more suitable career path for him which is being a remote closer. He was quite successful which is why he created a training program to share his methods and techniques. He now claims that you can build a 7-figure sales machine with him and his program’s guidance. According to him, they are the better choice to scale a business than spending more on ads since most businesses have still a lot of untapped potential due to opportunities to improve their sales framework and processes.

His program is linked to several well-known companies and entrepreneurs such as Tony Robins, Dean Graziosi Frank Kern, Agora Financial, Jay Abraham, Aleric Heck, Todd Brawn, Rich Schefren, Tanner Chidester, Jeff Lerner, Astro Flipping, and Advance Reach. This is apparently the clients that you can get an interview with when you join the standard $8,400 program.

However, I am skeptical of trusting this guy. The first reason is the way he presents his programs. The term “sales machine” mentioned earlier is just selling a shiny object since there are several reviews that mentioned the contents of the training being comparable to a $10 training guide (take note that this is a $8,400 program). He also does not include any pricing of his program which is purposely done since it is overpriced. Sure, it does give training on being a remote closer, but you are not guaranteed to the most alluring part of the program which is to get an interview with their partnered clients for a chance to work as their sales representative. Lastly, he seems to not provide any refunds for any of his programs at all.

Cole Gordon Review

To note, a guy he had linked on his website as his partner and client is facing a case against the FTC due to a fraudulent program. Specifically, Dean Graziosi is being questioned by FTC (a formal complaint was filed as early as August 2020) along with Scott Yancey due to deceptively promoting a training program on real estate that scammed consumers out of more than $400 million. Cole is not directly involved in such fraud, but I will be careful transacting with people like him who is more than proud to announce his partnership with a sketchy individual.

It is also important to note that sales and telemarketing is not for everyone. It is a performance-based career and requires good communication skills, extensive knowledge on the product you are selling, and hands-on experience in the said industry to be decent. Not even a $8,400 worth of course can transform you into a good sales representative, let alone a closer of high-ticket deals which is harder to sell. This is also a bad choice of side-hustle since it requires a lot of time and effort to learn. Besides, you are not really in control of your time here since you will usually stick to a schedule chosen by your client.

There is no conclusive evidence to say that Cole Gordon is a scam. However, I am not inclined to recommend him since there are better mentors than him that sells more affordable courses. If you are also looking for a side hustle as a beginner, I also do not advise to delve into sales and telemarketing since it is more of a performance-based job than a business.

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