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Color Street Review (MLM or Pyramid Scheme Scam?)

I have this question that I would like to ask you as someone who loves to decorate their nails as I am. Do you sometimes feel tired putting nail polish to your nails when you insist on doing it by yourself instead of going to a salon? Because I sure do, but sometimes I just rely on nail polish strips that can be bought to just any store with a personal care section. And I heard that Color Street also offers the same kind of product.

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Color Street was founded by Fa Park in 2017. He was stuck on a busy road when the corner of his eye caught a woman in a cab trying to polish her nails. He exclaimed that there has to be a better way. He then bought nail polishes and tried experimenting on them and voila! A 100% nail polish strip was made.

His nail polish strips are made solely of nail polish that can easily be removed using nail polish remover, and not like in any other products which are made of vinyl that you just put it on and then take it off. Some local vinyl nail art strips might even fall off without you realizing it and that will make your nails look unproportional, which you do not want to happen, do you?

Their nail polish strips come with a variety of colors, styles, patterns, and many more for you to choose from. They even have categories like seasonal style, weather style, holiday style, french manicures and a lot more. This will help you decide what to buy and use during each and every occasion that you will be attending. Pretty handy, right?

But if you want to be part of their growing company as a “stylist”, it will cost you $129 and it comes with a lot of assorted Color Street nail polish strips and nail care products, business tools and brochures, and a personal website which can help you to start up your business. And you will have the chance to get their Jump Start Rewards program when you reach a certain amount of PV during your first 3 months as a stylist. 

To start things off, you can earn 25% base of retail commission when you sell Color Street products and can come up to 35% based on your generated PV each month. It is a little higher if not the same as other MLM companies are offering so if you’re just planning to join and do this as a side hustle, I think it’s not that bad considering the time and effort you’re gonna put through in selling their products.

They also have an enroller bonus of 3% paid on generated sales volume down to 2 levels of recruitment. Residual and generational bonus that can be earned by qualified stylists through their downline and is paid in a unilevel compensation structure. A Team bonus of 1.5% of their total sales volume in their respective unilevel team. And lastly, a lifesteal bonus of up to $1000 for high ranking affiliates.

As I dig deeper, there is this one company that has identical products as Color Street, Incoco (short for Innovative Cosmetic Concepts). And to my surprise, Fa Mark was also the founder of the said company (so that’s why). Incoco nail strip products can be bought easily on Walmart and Amazon for almost half the price of Color Street’s products. That’s a steal if you ask me.

You can consider this as either a brick wall or an opportunity. Brick wall to affiliates because if there are available products that are identical to what you’re selling, and at half of the price at that, then you will have a hard time selling yours because who wouldn’t want to buy cheaper ones if they’re just the same? And an opportunity, but for the company itself, that these cheaper products are available because they want those aspiring affiliates to try and test it themselves before entering the world of selling nail polish strips.

Is Color Street a scam? No they’re not. They are a legit company, and a successful one at that even if they’re still at an early stage. They have these nail polish strips products for you to sell and earn money and there is a big market for it. But I want you to know that almost 99% participants of all multi level marketing companies lose money, according to the FTC. That’s why I want you to think it over.

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