Commercial Dream Partner Review (Peter Conti)

Peter Conti

Peter Conti is glad for those watching his webinar as they took a step towards learning more about commercial real estate investing. And that includes me although Peter might feel the opposite of gladness if he sees me rolling my eyes emphatically. Can’t stop myself from showing some sass after hearing a “best way to build passive income and grow wealth” promise for the nth time. We’ll find out if there’s some truth to it in my Commercial Dream Partner review below.

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I swear, I have no bad blood with real estate investors or anything real estate. Heck, I’ll personally go on a shopping spree of the nicest cribs if my pockets were THAT deep. I don’t mind real estate people doing real estate things either. Where I draw the line is on people like Peter – the gurus who sell real estate courses. Typically, they’re just cut from the same cloth. They either underdeliver, overcharge, or out hustled you by selling a pipedream. 

But just to be fair, Peter seems to walk the talk before aka he’s doing commercial real estate investing himself (during the “easy” years, just to note). He even had Wiley choose him to write a “For Dummies” book regarding the biz. Not that it really matters because there’s been a lot of misses in the said series lately like the one written by Kiana Danial. At least, he probably had the rep and knowledge to get considered. Long story short, I don’t think he belongs to the group of the worst gurus, but he still fits the guru mold nonetheless.

To continue, gurus like him usually present themselves as a one-size-fits-all type of coach just to boost their sales number. No-uh. Insider knowledge on a specific place is something you’ll get from people doing business at that place. That’s why it’s better to learn from local real estate investors in your area (not necessarily hot singles IYKWIM). Might be harder to see one who’s willing to take you under their wing, but it’ll be worth it. That’s just my two cents. Take it as a hint of what’s to come on the webinar and on Peter’s Commercial Dream Partner program

So, without further ado, onto the webinar we go. To start, he describes the opportunity as something that doesn’t require you to buy a single property nor fixing and managing them yourself to get some profit. He adds that he’ll reveal his unique proprietary method on how to do such in the next 45 minute or so. Riiiight. 

And we got a problem already. It’s not even about the business model, not yet, but we’ll get to that later. I’m talking about him mentioning 45 minutes… You just don’t say 45 minutes on a 39-minute webinar. This might look as me nitpicking the smallest of things, but I highly value attention to details and honesty. Not me lowering my standards… never! So, that’s strike one.

Commercial Dream Partner Review

Strike two is him telling that there’s nothing for sale after the webinar, but then, immediately dropping the encouragement of booking a one-on-one call right after. Like c’mon Peter, I’m not born yesterday and so are others watching your webinar. We know that the said call will obviously lead to some sales talk of Commercial Dream Partner. And yes, trying to see if someone fits the program is a clear giveaway of your intention on selling something. No need to fool around like Iman Gadzhi.

Strike three is, well, the business model itself. It’s either the good ‘ol flipping or doing bigger deals that need “other people’s money.” For the latter, he’s telling you to go out there (or not because you can apparently do this at home), find him some lucrative high-ticket commercial real estate deal, get that baby under some type of contract, and come back to him so his company can check. If the deal you got is A-okay, they’ll secure it themselves (or through some help of third-party investors) and split you some money, a commission, for your hard work. If not, all the blood, sweat, and tears you’ve probably put into finding that deal is just in vain.

See the problem? He’s promising passive income and living life on your own terms by being his glorified real estate agent. The said promise is just BS, then. And from the looks of it, he’ll probably push you to spend a fortune on ads for the work-from-home claim. Worse, you have to buy his Commercial Dream Partner that costs around $5k or more to learn all of that… just to end up as his grunt worker. Hell nah. For that and all the things I mentioned earlier, I won’t recommend Commercial Dream Partner.

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