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0 Dollar Startup Review (Roger Comstock)

Roger Comstock

Roger Comstock is the CEO and founder of 0 Dollar Startup. If someone asks me to describe this dude, I’ll definitely use the tagline in his LinkedIn bio. Here, he writes, “Learn how to make thousands while you sleep.” Yeaaah, he’s one of those gurus with savior syndrome that won’t shut up on saying terms like financial freedom, side hustle, and the likes. Spitting ‘em promises on repeat, yet he’s keeping it hush on how he’ll deliver on it.

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Seriously, dude better talk about the how’s of his programs more, and all ‘em buzzwords less. Like, it’s giving me heebie-jeebies when someone’s not upfront with their business model. Like, alright, from the name itself, I assume 0 Dollar Startup is about, ahem, startups. Now, what about it?

Like, how exactly would 0 Dollar Startups help in creating profitable startups? I don’t think it’s that obvious, yeah? And it’s not like I’m asking him to solve world hunger or find a cure for cancer.  I just need him to elaborate what we should expect from 0 Dollar Startup and put it somewhere accessible. About that…

I did eventually find some bits about his program on its website. I thought everything is behind a discovery call [which is, BTW, just a fancy name for a sales call where every question is answered by “buy our product”]. Guess the buzzwords in the copy and in the sales pitch made it feel like I’m trying to find Waldo. Call me blinded by the light [or shiny shimmering promises rather].

Besides the obvious fact that Rog and his team will help starters [read: startup junkies] create their own startups, the said starters could either be beginner or expert. As long as they can pay, of course. Spoiler alert, issa bit expensive. Not as bad as some real estate mentorship, but it still requires having a loaded wallet, nonetheless.

They explain how they’ll identify “naturally occurring connections” the starters already have to businesses and service providers, so they can structure “Pocket-size Partnerships” that’s apparently essential to creating startups. Wait what?  I am confused again once more.

Yes, he really put what I’ve written previously under the “How exactly do you help people?” section. He pretends issa explanation, when in reality, it’s just buncha nonsense crap that doesn’t tell anything about the how’s. We really back to square one ‘cause it’s just him telling us they’ll help create startups, and only that. Where’s the real explanation?

Here. Here’s the real explanation, you’re welcome. To my surprise, the startup they’re talking about is not the usual. Not like Scrub Daddy where you put some innovation out there and hope it’s brilliant enough to sell/get funding. Not like that.

To reiterate, the copy and sales pitch is more fluff than substance which makes finding the real scoop hard even for myself. Thank heavens that the sales pitch eventually gets to the point. So, after what feels like eternity, the sales pitch reveals that the startup actually involves building their starters their own local lead generation biz with paid ads. Uhm… Okay?

Quite frankly, this is not what I had in mind. Sure, it’s not bad of a business model, but I don’t see the sense of dragging the pitch only to reveal just that. But I guess, they wanna look like they’re doing something new. Something never seen before. Lemme tell ya, it’s just old news.

0 Dollar Startup Review

Like, c’mon Rog, you’ve done a few startups before. Flipr, Comstock Consulting, and Tuple in particular. You could’ve just let your experience do the talking, but nope. Which makes me think, are these startups a flop or what? Me not seeing much about it makes me think it is. No wonder Roger’s relying too much on ‘em buzzwords.

With that said, what’s the cost of 0 Dollar Startup, then? Well, presumably, the price of 0 Dollar Startup starts at $5,997. It’s already expensive, yet you’ll prolly need to spend much more because of the pricier upsells.

Yeaaah, no, I won’t recommend buying this one. You can easily get better lead gen courses for less cost, while having a mentor that doesn’t talk in circles… Someone that doesn’t write a copy like they have a buzzword quota to fill like Rog did. Nevertheless, RIP to Max, the dog who Rog mentions as his shadow wherever he goes.

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