Remote Multifamily Investing Academy Review (Jen & Stacy Conkey)

Jen & Stacy Conkey

Jen & Stacy Conkey are the two ladies behind Remote Multifamily Investing Academy. These two always post those who just join the Academy— welcoming them warmly and encouraging them to do well.  Thing is, these typa posts are not so unusual besides the ones with interesting names like Jennifer Lopez. Nope, she’s not the iconic Jenny from the block, but someone who’ll learn how to purchase properties on the block. Should you do the same as her? My honest thoughts below.

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Now, why should we listen to Jen & Stacy? Like, no offense, but who are they? As if reading my mind, they listed reasons on why we should. First off, they claim to have lots of experience. Nearly two full decades in doing their thang. To put it into perspective, that’s close to how long Dr. Phil has been running on TV. But unlike the show which is reportedly ending this year, there’s no signs of stopping for these two.

In addition, the two are active investors as well. They’re not just teaching peeps how to do it, they’re also still doing it. In 2021 alone, they added 967 units to their personal portfolio. Then, in 2022, they closed on their own residence, moved, sold their 400+ unit apartment building, backed out of a large portfolio purchase, and closed on some more apartments. That’s great to see, but just a disclaimer, I have no means to validate ‘em figures.

Ultimately, the two claim that their unique strategies are worth listening for. A perfect one to get beginners into their first deal. Which is why their students have done at least 180 venture deals, almost $40m in property acquisition, and around $1.7m in total annual cash flow. That’s a lot, although, again, I still have no means to validate it. At least their students are visibly happy with them, I guess?

“They’re really good at explaining in such good detail,” a student who has no real estate background prior to joining the Academy mentions. Another student adds, “Jen and Stacy helped me with my first six doors while in the Academy.” I see they’re really getting a lot of praises, especially on the comment section of their Facebook accounts. Not so much on serious real estate forums, though.

With that said, here’s what they have to say about their Remote Multifamily Investing Academy. According to them, the Academy is born after testing, retesting, and eventually perfecting their Remote Investing System. The system is said to be perfectly [they keep on repeating the word, not me] suited for absolute beginners. Little cash, less time to invest, no problem!

But c’mon, little cash for multifamily properties? Be serious now. I understand that we’re excluding broke, living paycheck to paycheck peeps, but still, you can’t just say it’s alright to be strapped for cash here. Not when lots of investors can’t easily purchase a cheaper single family property, let alone a multifamily property.

I have nothing against Jen & Stacy themselves. They seem like cool mentors to learn from seeing all the praises from their students. Sure, I found it a bit disingenuous to make the reviews from Warrior Of Wealth as if it’s directed to the Academy. Still, it’s all love, I s’pose.

Remote Multifamily Investing Academy Review

To add, the way they speak is full of charm. And it’s not just me who found them charismatic, but also Grant Cardone who frequently invites them as guest speakers in his Business Mastery course. While I might hate the dude’s guts, I can’t deny that there’s some merit when he notices you. There must be a “wow” factor in you, and you’re the type that can sell whatever.

I’m not sold with their multifamily property investment slash remote investing opportunity, though. Besides the pricey cost of Remote Multifamily Investing Academy at $5k or more, the biz itself is so, so expensive too. Starting around six figures to get one, and that’s something I won’t call beginner friendly.

Even with the guidance of mentors like the Conkeys, making the biz not flop is going to be difficult. Because guess what, there’s a lot of experienced investors here who have the advantage on getting the best deals. All that is left are crumbs and you don’t want that because it likely means you’ll have a tough time finding tenants and pricing your units appropriately. Honestly speaking, I won’t suggest y’all to do the same sh*t as Academy’s Jennifer.

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