Connective Ecommerce Review (Cortney Fletcher)

Cortney Fletcher

Cortney Fletcher highlights Connective Ecommerce as the secret sauce on her Shopify dropshopping endeavor. No need to spend a single cent on advertising at the start as Connective Ecommerce got you covered for your traffic needs. That’s the promise, but can it really replace paid ads? If it is, is there a catch? If you’re trading money for paid ads, then what’s the thing that’ll replace the money requirement in Connective Ecommerce ? Find out in the review below.

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If you’re wondering, Connective Ecommerce is taught on Cortney’s Ecom Babes. In fact, it’s the main topic for a whole week on a six-week course. She called it a method that she “invented completely.” I beg to disagree as I’m quite sure she didn’t start the entirety of the affiliate marketing thing. Well, that’s Connective Ecommerce in a nutshell – affiliate marketing with a fancy shmancy label.

Specifically, the main gist of this is quite simple: you’ll set up “strategic partnerships” through Shopify affiliate program to market your stuff. “We trade time & sweat equity for traffic,” as the overview on the program’s site suggests. And oh, it’s also mentioned that this is enough until you’re a consistent $5k a month earner that would want to scale your biz even further. According to Cortney herself, the very first sale is all you need and the rest required to get a steady income will auto-magically follow.

Personally, I find it hard to believe that Connective Ecommerce is enough to jumpstart your eCommerce biz. Maybe it worked for Cortney during the time when there’s not many stores in the online space which is obviously not the case anymore. Or maybe it’s just a coincidence that a blog video about her bling made her shop “blow up” with sales. Y’know, the type that’ll make a noob seller cry tears of joy as their phone would ring non-stop with sales notifs… Just like Cortney on her first day of making a sale.

Worse, what if she’s pulling these kinds of sob stories out of her slightly phat ass and she doesn’t have any Shopify stores at all? She never dropped a link to it, anyway. Not even a mention on her Instagram account where she’s loud and proud of everything about Ecom Babes. Just weird that the store that should’ve made the said program possible hasn’t got any post from her. Hmmm….

Heck, I’m not convinced that you can attract meaningful connections with the method, either. I don’t think a single module titled Affiliate Alchemy can scoop you any affiliates, let alone the great ones who are in it for long-term partnerships. The name of the module says it all, we know how the OG alchemy (turning some cheapo metal into precious gold) is a flop. Cortney’s first-ever affiliate, made-up story or not, is her blogger friend anyway, so it’s implied that she got an easy and unusual start. What about the average person without the difficulty set to easy mode like her?

Connective Ecommerce Review

You’re on a whole ‘nother level of delusion if you think that a no-name wannabe entrepreneur who’s pinching pennies to skip a typical eCommerce requirement (I’m talking about ads) would get some affiliate love. Not unless you’re able to snag an equally crazy “poverty” affiliate that takes “beggars can’t be choosers” quote too seriously. Still, getting some is a “once in a blue moon” type of thing. 

Anyhow, let’s talk about the rest that comes with Cortney’s Connective Ecommerce aka the things you’ll get after signing up with Ecom Babes. Aside from explaining Connective Ecommerce, Cortney will also discuss the right mindset, finding your niche, the how-tos on product and supplier research, and setting up your Shopify store. The usual, really.

To add, she’ll also include lessons on how to get an up and running social media pages plus setting up your (paid) ad campaigns there for “scaling” purposes. The said course materials of Ecom Babes plus weekly live Q and A sessions and access to a private community group would cost you around $3,800 to $5,000.

Obviously, I won’t  recommend a pricey course, just like Cortney’s Ecom Babes, with a method that I don’t fully believe in. It doesn’t help that I’ll probably never be down on any eCommerce endeavors. Not today. Not tomorrow. Not ever. I’ll say NO to this too when Cortney’s way to make you fall for this hook, line, and sinker is through the toxic girl boss movement derived from MLMs. Can’t give her any benefit of the doubt as her sales team is also notorious for being pushy and manipulative. Beware ladies!

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