The Ecommerce Consultant Program Review (Tai Lopez)

Tai Lopez

Tai Lopez, the internet marketer behind the infamous “here in my garage” ad, is a firm believer of eCommerce. In several YouTube videos, he mentioned that eCommerce would be the next big thing, among several others, after the Social Media Marketing Agency (SMMA). Quite convenient to claim such when he’s offering eCommerce programs himself like the ECommerce Consultant program. Tune in for my review about Tai’s said program below.

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Kinda ironic that he’s preaching us to be on the lookout for catching new trends early when dude’s a bit late for doing this around 2020. Like c’mon, stop pretending that eCommerce is a new shiny thang to hype to death when it’s been around since the late 90s. Okay, it’s not popular way back then, but I’m quite sure it already took off before he filmed a video proclaiming his belief in it.

Is it still even a prediction to call being an eCommerce specialist a way to go when it’s way too popularized like years ago? I don’t think so. Quite frankly, the more appropriate stuff to say here is a warning to newcomers about the current challenges you’ll experience in it, in Amazon FBA in particular. The “easy” years of treading the FBA space is unfortunately over.

Of course, the guy who doesn’t mind faking it ‘til he actually makes it would also not mind skipping the sad truth about Jeff Bezos’ brainchild. The meatriding he’ll do just to sell his own products including the ECommerce Consultant program knows no bounds. That’s also with him usually glossing over the harsh deets that needed to be said, but he won’t dare say a word because it decreases his chances of making a sale. Slick ‘n slimy Tai at his best.

In this particular case, he’s not even selling in a traditional sense. Not yet. I’m saying this because the ECommerce Consultant program is a free zero cost training. Although, as expected, it’s just there to get you hooked, so you’ll eventually buy one of his paid programs in eCommerce and more. In other words, it’s just the start of a never-ending sales funnel.

To entice you with the premise of learning from him and buying his programs, Tai usually never fails to mention that the number one way to success is reverse engineering and following a winning blueprint. Then, following it up with him offering the said blueprint.I might agree with him having some winning blueprint on internet marketing, but not on eCommerce and other business models on SMMA, real estate, and crypto. 

He got reps on being an internet marketer fosho, but that’s it. Would take whatever he said on everything else with a grain of salt. Heck, I could stretch this out a bit further and also doubt his marketing blueprint. I believe he’s more of a lucky marketer guy that’s heavily favored by circumstance, and so his blueprint here would be dogsh*t for ya if you can’t replicate being the right person at the right time like him.

The Ecommerce Consultant Program Review

If I’m already doubting the only skill he has lots, and I mean, LOTS of social proof with, you can only imagine how I’m insanely NOT trusting him to do good and teach good with anything else. That’s part of the reason why I’m not recommending the ECommerce Consultant program and any other offers that might be sold as an upsell like ECommerce Certified Specialist and ECommerce Agency.

Also, why would you trust something that’s like two years old already, but still in its test group phase. I don’t know what was the reason for this, but it’s either Tai forgetting to change the program’ pubmats or him being lazy on actually updating the program to its fully functional phase. Could also be him not giving a damn about having some attention to details. Regardless of what it is actually, all possibilities I mentioned are quite bad and are giving off a “stay away from this person” vibe.

Above all, I’m going to reiterate what I mentioned earlier about the Amazon FBA’s “easy” years being over as a reason to not recommend Tai’s program. To make this statement more tangible, let me just say that it’s harder to succeed today with this business model. The type of difficulty that screams “think this one through unless you want some challenge” and you can’t change my mind. The intense market saturation, the insane cost required for advertising and other fees, the hassle of product returns, among others. No, thank you!

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