Content Empire Review (Ryan Pineda)

Ryan Pineda

Ryan Pineda knows how one can build their personal brand and business on social media. And you better hear him out unless you don’t want the ultimate cheat code to getting a successful biz. When done right, he claims that it’ll help you attract the right people, raise capital, and eventually sell whatever you have to offer. Oh, and BTW, the latter bit is literally what he’s trying to do right now… He’s selling you his Content Empire. Review below.

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To further convince us how social media marketing is very critical to one’s biz, he cites two successful individuals: Elon Musk and Kylie Jenner. He mentions how these two’s massive personal brands enable them to scale their thang. Yup, he’s completely ignoring the fact that both have their already rich fams backing ‘em up.

Like, alright, I do recognize the individual aptitude of these two. With Elon, it’s having balls of steel to take risks, and being usually good at predicting the future. Although, I bet he didn’t see that Twitter disaster coming, pfft. With Kylie, it’s her ability to recognize market trends. What’s in, she’s in. Not to mention how she’s “good” at just being herself.

We get it, they somehow got the “it” factor. But then, we can’t deny how their privilege makes it easier for them to succeed compared to the average person. Like, how about us peasants who don’t have an emerald mine back at home or have affluent celebrities as parents? Seriously, not everyone can simply buy Paypal like Elon, or have a sibling whose whack sex tape can give the whole fam lotta clout like Kylie.

That’s where Ryan’s reference to himself comes in handy. From what I see so far, his background is much closer to us than the likes of Elon’s and Kylie’s. Y’know, he’s just an average boy out of O-Town, a student athlete who aspired to become a pro baseball player. As expected, he didn’t make it to the major leagues. Of f*cking course.

Yeah, no, this is not me wishing failure on someone else. I swear, it’s just an honest, logical assumption on my part. I mean, if he’s a pro, I’ll probably see him first on the stat sheets rather than on videos about house flipping, e-com, and marketing.

And as someone who reviewed lots of  similar gurus with a varsity background like Misha Wilson, I just knew that it’s the same ‘ol narrative with a predictable outcome. Unlike Shaq, I don’t owe anyone an apology. I was really familiar with ‘em athletes-turned-gurus’ game.

Regardless, here’s the highlight of his story. While he’s already making decent money as a “normal” entrepreneur, it still irks him to see money-making content creators who are less business-savvy than him make more money. Rather than detesting ‘em forever, he simply chose to imitate them. If you can’t beat them, join them typa beat.

So, around the height of the pandemic, he decided to focus his efforts on social media. In the first year alone, he’s able to go from measly 10k followers up to over 500k. More importantly, he’s raking in more cash due to it. Specifically, he mentions how his income tripled from the year prior.

And guess what, Ryan believes that you— yes, you who’s reading my review right now— can replicate his success. Or at least, you’d still get more benjamins than you can ever imagine. How? It’s through learning from his Content Empire program, what else?

Content Empire Review

Here, he’s confident that anyone can create a powerful brand for themselves by following the same exact steps that he did on creating his. Heck, it doesn’t even matter if you’ve never made content before. He claims that he can train you from the ground up. This is apparently why countless entrepreneurs are paying him sh*tton of money to get a hold of him and his consulting service.

That said, what’s the price of Content Empire, then? Presumably, Content Empire cost around $10k or more. Expensive, I know, and this fact is one of the reasons why I won’t recommend the program. Heck, I wouldn’t recommend any of his programs at all. This asshole who unapologetically mentions how he’ll teach to exploit the working class doesn’t deserve no dimes.

To add, I don’t want to deal with gurus like him who are notorious for putting up low effort courses that are only meant to ride the current buzz. He doesn’t care if he has no creds on teaching a certain biz, he’ll still pretend to be an expert as long as his offers sells. Avoid him like a plague unless you want a habitual liar as a coach [please don’t].

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