Contrarian Income Report Review (Contrarian Outlook)

Contrarian Outlook

Contrarian Income Report opens up their latest briefing by citing a disagreement. Specifically, the man behind it, Brett Owens of Contrarian Outlook, disagrees with the suits at Merrill Lynch claiming that around $738k is required to retire well. You don’t need that much, he says, all thanks to the 7% Monthly Payer portfolio in the Report. With the latter, $500k is already enough to retire you comfortably on a million dollars or even more. Scroll below for the full scoop.

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First of all, I understand that the figure he mentioned is really less than $738k by around 32%. Impressive if it’s true, yet we can’t deny that $500k is still a looooot of money. Yet he’s talking about the figure like it’s chump change. Hell nah, it isn’t. With that, it’s quite obvious that the investment encouraged in Contrarian Income Report, dividend investments in particular, is not beginner-friendly.

To be fair, the cost of Contrarian Income Report is not that expensive given that it’s mainly a newsletter service like Jeff Brown’s The Near Future Report. However, I don’t see the need to buy one when you don’t have enough money to follow whatever investment is recommended there. Unsurprisingly, even following the recommendation might not be the best for your pockets since all of the stuff posted on Contrarian Outlook including Contrarian Income Report is not investment advice, technically speaking.

I got y’all covered by reading the fine print myself. As usual, nobody in Contrarian Outlook, not even Brett Owens, is licensed as an investment adviser nor a broker-dealer. Hence, any ideas presented here are for educational purposes only. They pretend to not see and continue to sell their stuff like it’s the best “not like the other investors” financial advice ever. Like, chill, the so-called investment analysts on the site are not even allowed to give actual financial advice legally.

About the “not like the other investors” bit, it’s their brand as a contrarian. Instead of going with the flow, contrarians do the opposite. In other words, they’ll usually go against prevailing market trends. Just like the famous Warren Buffett who even immortalized this kind of outlook in a quote “Be fearful when others are greedy, and greedy when others are fearful.”

In Contrarian Income Report’s case, what made them contrarian is their advice on picking stocks for dividend yields instead of capital gains and/or “taking whatever returns the S&P 500 is handing out.” They’re also unique with their promised yields which is 7% as implied by the 7% Monthly Payer portfolio I mentioned earlier. They’re trying to impress fosho, but I’ll call their bluff. Like c’mon, the average is only around 2% to 5% and you’re giving me 7%? I don’t think taking advantage of market overreaction makes the figure less improbable, IMHO.

I won’t recommend buying Contrarian Income Report, that’s for sure. Not for the newsletter, the  7% Monthly Payer portfolio, nor the extra contents that are as follows: Flash alert about stocks, access to members-only website, quarterly webinars, and five special reports. Sure, Contrarian Income Report only costs $39 for the first year, then $99 a year thereafter, but nah.

Contrarian Income Report Review

Again, if their ideas are for educational purposes only, it would be wiser to just stick with free resources. Those that don’t sugarcoat their copy like crazy. But hey, at least, I didn’t see any fear-mongering BS here. Not that it’s really praiseworthy, I just think that it’s fair to say that Contrarian Outlook and their Contrarian Income Report is not the worst of the worst.

Still, not a worthy buy for me. If you’re not convinced with the reasons above to not buy this sh*t because why not, will knowing that Contrarian Income Report being the start of a sales funnel change your mind for the better? I didn’t stutter, y’all need to buy more once you purchase this. And so, the cheap cost of Contrarian Income Report doesn’t really matter when the juicier info is behind the pricier upsell.

Besides, I’m not down on not being able to access my money for around three years or more. That’s one of the cons of dividend investments. You can’t withdraw your money until they say so. They’re firm about that and they don’t give a single damn about your feelings— even emergencies! The companies slashing out dividend payouts on their own accord, just like what a lot did during the infamous financial recession, is the final nail in the coffin of me not recommending dividend investments or any programs suggesting it like Contrarian Income Report.

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