Contrarian Insider Review

Whenever I hear the word “contrarian,” I would often imagine the most annoying person at a dinner party. While the word itself isn’t the problem with it, just how certain use the word to describe themselves is what irks me. I mean, being a contrarian isn’t inherently bad. Having an opinion that’s different from what’s popular isn’t bad. Maybe there’s something that people who believe in the popular opinion might not be seeing. But sometimes people will just get annoyed by them. You can just feel the vibes aren’t for you.

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Contrarian Insider is monthly newsletter of sorts that was created by Doug Casey and David Stockman. Doug Casey is a renowned author, investor and founder of Casey Research. He also has website called International Man where provides insights on different topics besides investment. Just looking at his bare Wikipedia page, I can already tell that I may not be feeling the kind of vibes that he gives off. Even the topics in International Man are not the type of content I am genuinely interested in. David Stockman on the other is a well-known Washington insider from the Reagan era. Apparently he is dubbed the Father of Reaganomics, due to his hand in shaping President Ronald Reagan’s economic policy as budget director for his administration. He previously served as the congressional representative for Michigan’s fourth district during the late ’70s to early ’80s.

It doesn’t seem like there’s anything about myself that overlaps with either Doug Casey and David Stockman. Neither of their political leanings matches mine, whatsoever. But the Contrarian Insider is basically just a monthly guide to help people who subscribe to them get the most out of the your money if you decided to put a lot of them into stocks and other investments. Like that seems to be what this entire thing is supposed to be. Both of them have some experience in how the economy and stock market work. I mean, David Stockman was budget director. And his name is literally Stockman.

The cost of a subscription to Contrarian Insider is $199 a year. For a subscription service, that’s not terribly bad. I mean, people spend around roughly that kind amount on streaming services alone. Who wouldn’t want to pay two white guys with experience in market speculation and economics roughly $17 a month so that they could put more money onto the stock market? There’s also bunch of other bonuses included in that subscription including a report a specific type stock related to gold that people should know about and another guide on how to keep your investment in precious metals safe.

That’s basically it. You’re basically getting monthly newsletters that will tell you what kind of stocks you should invest in. And maybe some articles about the world and politics? Because whatever’s happening in the world reflect what happens in the stock market. Both of those are interlinked whether we like it or not. I mean, there are probably a lot of other people offering similar investment strategies. But if your politics and ideology matches Doug’s and David’s, then the insights that they provide through this subscription service may be useful to you.

Getting into any kind of venture will always be presented with challenges. That’s just the nature of it all. You can’t honestly expect that buying stocks into a company or precious metals won’t be impacted by any crisis happening locally and internationally. The effects will be felt in different ways. But if you’re an ordinary person, you will feel it in the things you buy. Sometimes there’s nothing you can really do about it.

Personally, I wouldn’t really recommend anyone to purchase a subscription to the Contrarian Insider. There could potentially be some great insights in it that you could apply if you ever get into stock trading. But for people who don’t have the money to put it into the stock market, $199 for a subscription to a very niche service would just be seen as frivolous. Any kind of investment is going to cost you a lot. It may be time or money. If you are somebody who is willing to put money that you can part it, this newsletter would be right for you.

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