Conversion Conversations Review (Tanner Chidester)

Tanner Chidester

Tanner Chidester introduces his Conversion Conversations offer by asking whether you are ready to grow your business without fancy funnels or webinars. I don’t know why he would ask such when he’s pretty much still using both. What’s this, rules for thee, but not for me? Weird, but t’is apparently the way he quietly built his online empire that landed him thousands of coaching clients. And not just any clients, but high-ticket ones.

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The CEO and founder of Elite CEOs doesn’t have it all easy at the beginning, though. When he first got started, he felt like finding clients shouldn’t be complicated, time-consuming, or expensive. Like, running a biz shouldn’t be so hard, and yet it can feel like it is. Like you [or so he assumes], it’s his number one problem.

This led him to spending $50k on coaching just to get his feet wet, hoping that it’ll kickstart his success. Two years later, he only made about $2k. The coaching he spent a lotta Gs for doesn’t do jacksh*t. It’s such a huge letdown, he considered giving up altogether.

But he didn’t. He rather go broke and possibly even homeless than fail and get a 9 to 5 job. He powered through, disregarding the earlier losses from getting burned by “gurus” [as if he’s not one himself now], and developed his own strategy. One of the strategies is a method he called Conversion Conversations.

According to him, it’s his own lead gen method that he accidentally discovered out of sheer desperation. Here, he completely ditched the old ways of webinars [says him in what I’d call myself a webinar]. He claims that it’s not one of those BS marketing strategies that take ages and thousands of dollars in ad spend to work [as if I’ll forget how he flexed his ad spend before].

Apparently, he implemented this method, and has never looked back ever since. It apparently changes everything for him as he’s able to leverage the little clout he has at the start, and turn it into something massive. Fast forward to today, he’s able to create an eight-figure biz in Elite CEOs and two separate seven-figure earners. All of which are online coaching businesses.

Enough with the hype, what exactly is Conversion Conversation? From what I gather, it’s a follow-up system done through messaging. Reason why it includes conversion and Manychat scripts which are guides on what you’ll say whenever you slide into the DMs. Not for booty pics, but for getting ‘em sales. Essentially, you’re not a creep, but you’re probably as irritating as them.

Like, let’s be honest, no one wants ‘em annoying ads in their inbox. Not in their Facebook or the ‘gram, at least. If this sh*t works for Tanner in the past, then good for him. Charmed by his beefy biceps, I guess. But to be frank, I don’t think it’ll work wonders today. Sad to say, there’ll be no easy $50k a month for you with this method, only seenzoned messages or worse, f bombs and nasty replies.

Other inclusions are as follows: Intro to Facebook Ads training, Facebook Group Marketing training, ManyChat training, and access to a private Facebook community. You’ll get it all in Conversion Conversations that cost $97. Pretty cheap, yeah?

Holup, don’t go YOLO and buy Conversion Conversations right away just because it’s affordable. Why buy it when you can actually get it for free? Technically, it IS free if you stumble in a link other than what I saw first. Also, if you ignore the sh*tton of upsells he’ll offer after. But then, even if I was paid handsomely to check this one out, I still won’t.

Conversion Conversations Review

That’s right, I won’t dare touch this Conversion Conversations with a ten-foot pole. You know why? Because it sucks, plain and simple. Both sliding into DMs and doing Facebook ads suck. Telling something wasn’t needed when you’re doing it all yourself also sucks. To think that he markets this as something coaches [read: fake gurus] have never taught before, who was he fooling?

Oh wait, he’s probably targeting ‘em fools all along. Gotcha. Dude IS slimy. Besides using the infamous “10x your business” BS [look, a Grant Cardone simp, er, licensee], he also mistakenly wrote “Conversation Conversions” instead of “Conversion Conversations” multiple times in his copy. Lack of attention to details? I think not!

I mean, all the other obvious “errors” make this look like a dumb sucker check rather than a simple typo. If you’ve missed it the first time, it’s fine. I’ve also praised him before, y’know. At least, you and I are informed now. The bottom-line is, don’t buy Conversion Conversations or any of Tanner’s programs. Okay? Okay.

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