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Something that I have learned from writing about net worth is that it’s really hard to make it. There are so many different stories that each and every personality has lived through. There are some that often start with struggle. You know, the rags to riches story that gets everyone inspired. Because if this certain person can manage to come out of their circumstances and find success, what’s stopping us from doing so? Sometimes a certain experience you had in your youth would be the path you’d be taking on for years to come.

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If you have read any of my previous articles regarding the net worth of certain musical artists, you would know that I often don’t recognize a lot of the people that I write about. For the most part, I don’t really listen to a lot of artists from different genres. Rap, in particular, is my blind spot when it comes to music. It’s a genre that I haven’t really listened to on a regular basis. But even if I haven’t listened to the genre a lot, I do know a few artists in the genre. Though, it’s mainly because they or their songs get referenced a lot in popular culture.

One such artists is the rapper Coolio. I think everybody knows the song “Gangster’s Paradise” or even the Weird Al Yankovic parody “Amish Paradise”. But before we talk about that particular song, let’s go back to the beginning. Like a lot of rappers, Coolio was born in Compton, California. You wouldn’t have known that a young nerdy kid like him would be a famous rapper decades later. His parents divorced when he was 11. At that point in a child’s, they’re on the cusp on puberty. And you kind of need to have some kind of parental figure that could help you navigate the part of any person’s life. That mostly went to his mom. I’m not really sure if you could call Coolio a mama’s boy. But he was really proud of his mom. In an interview he did, he mentions that he and his mom spent a lot of time playing board games and card games together.

Still, a nerdy kid like Coolio was kind of struggling to fit in at school. And the thing that sort of helped him fit in with any kind of group was joining a gang. Although he wasn’t inducted into the gang, he still got in trouble a lot. Mainly because he was carrying weapons to school. The more I read about his life, the crazier it seems. At age 17, he got locked up in juvenile detention. He managed to finish high school in spite of it. Eventually, he went on to study in a nearby community college. It was during that time that he started to perform rap in a bunch of different contests. It was in one of those contests that he got his stage name. Somebody apparently called him Coolio Iglesias, a reference to singer-songwriter Julio Iglesias. Go figure.

Eventually, he managed to get a regular spot in a local radio station in Los Angeles. But it didn’t really last long because he had developed a drug addiction. He went to rehab for about year. Once he finished that stint, he got a job working as a firefighter. Somehow, it was a job stationed in the forests of Northern California. He jumped in between jobs here and there while he was getting his rap career back on track. A few of his initial attempts at releasing a song didn’t really pan out that well. But that didn’t really stop him from getting to know people and making connections with the people in the scene in Los Angeles.

After he did a guest spot in the debut album of the group WC and the Maad Circle, he went on to join the 40 Thevz. That eventually lead him to getting a deal with Tommy Boy records. In 1994, he released his debut album “It Takes a Thief”. The album did fairly well. The song “Fantastic Voyage” was what helped get the album onto the charts. Eventually, the album reach platinum certification. But it was until he did “Gangster’s Paradise” for the soundtrack of the film “Dangerous Minds” that skyrocketed him to fame. It’s no wonder that Coolio has managed to have a net worth of $3,000,000.

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