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Copy Paste Agency Review (Iman Gadzhi)

Iman Ghadzi

Copy Paste Agency (CPA) is essentially the advanced and seven-figure biz version of Iman Gadzhi’s Agency Incubator. Just like the latter, Copy Paste Agency will teach you how to have your very own social media marketing agency (SMMA). “With CPA, you’re already in the top .001 % of agency’s owners,” Iman mentions in a YouTube video. Any truth behind the claim? Is learning SMMA on CPA worthy of your bucks? Read my review below to find out.

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Ever wonder what’s the difference between SMMA and traditional marketing agencies? Unlike the latter that tends to do it all, SMMA usually focuses on a single niche. Quality over quantity is the name of the game here, and that’s why SMMA has laser focus on one out of many marketing services like SEO, graphic design, blog writing, videography, public relations, and social media management. And to walk the talk, Iman is applying the same principle to his own agency. “Mastery demands focus so we don’t offer any other services except for paid advertising,” as written on his site. Most importantly, SMMA are often remote which is perfect for a quarantine-riddled year due to ‘rona.

There goes the definition of SMMA, but what about CPA? To reiterate, it’s a high-level version of Agency Incubator. From Iman himself, the content of CPA is based around getting you to a point of a minimum $10k a month in profit aka take-home money. This will make experienced marketers exclaim “I am speed” like Lightning McQueen because CPA will fast track their progress to impressive $30k income or more.

How about the new blood in the scene who are just starting out their agencies from scratch? Don’t worry, Iman says, as CPA comes with free access to the beginner’s blueprint in Agency Incubator. And oh, you’ll also get a $500 copywriting course for free in Pens to Profit. Fantastic addition, but I’m sure the cost of both is covered by CPA’s price. Spoiler alert, the said price ain’t cheap.

Aside from the freebies, what else is on the other side of CPA? To start, the core training of CPA contains 8 sections of around 40 modules. To give you an overview of what topics to expect here, I’ll drop the names of each section below:

  • Evolving From Six Figures
  • Transcending Yourself
  • Operational Excellency
  • Filling The Calendar
  • Sales In The Trenches
  • Becoming An A1 Service Provide
  • Hiring And Company Culture
  • Building An Unshakeable Brand

The rest of the modules outside the titled sections are recorded Q and A and live call sessions from the past. Speaking of live calls, you’ll also get two weekly live calls in CPA that are so much better than the one included in Agency Incubator. Unlike the calls from the latter that’s limited to asking questions for only 10 minutes tops, CPA’s one is essentially unlimited. “Ask as many questions as you want, for how long you want, whenever you want,” Iman added.

Copy Paste Agency Review

To add, you’ll get access to a Facebook group and a tight knit Whatsapp group. Most importantly, Iman is also promising of giving his students referrals besides providing info on world-class prospecting, or so he says. As mentioned earlier, Iman runs a marketing agency himself,like someone who teaches how to create one should, called IAG Media. He claims that there are times when he can’t serve all the potential clients that (figuratively) came knocking on his door for his service. 

It’s either IAG Media is already fully booked (he’s running a lean team IIRC, after all), his price is too expensive, or his agency is not a 100%match to a client that it’ll be better off going to one of his students. And it’ll be most definitely going to one of his students as he’ll vouch for their legitimacy. I’m sensing vulture energy here for the students. Swooping in to eat some meat that they didn’t hunt themselves, massive W if Iman is not capping. Note that he has around 1800 students too so getting clients from the program is not really guaranteed.

The major catch here, I think, would be the price of the Copy Paste Agency. Iman said it himself that it won’t be cheap as the Copy Paste Agency cost around $5k. Too pricey when it has no unique edge to offer, IMHO. Y’know, the advice by Iman I mentioned earlier also unironically applies here. I mean, you’ll  be better off choosing a  course that focuses on a single marketing niche for better bang for the buck prices. Ultimately, CPA (and SMMA) is not for you if you are only looking for a no-hassle side biz as SMMA could mean a lot of work on talking to get clients,managing staff, and more talking (and working) to retain clients.

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