Copy Blueprint Cheat Sheet Review (Perry Belcher)

“Legendary Copywriter Perry Belcher releases his offer Creation Formula Blueprints, and they are yours Free today”. You might have stumbled upon this advertisement that’s why you’re here today, looking for reviews about Perry Belcher and his program. Finding out what you can get from it or is it just another garbage to be disposed of? That’s why he’s giving it away for free, and you only need to pay for the shipping fee.

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It’s starting to smell a little bit fishy out here but yeah, let’s let him sell himself and his program. He claimed that he’s a very well known world-class copywriter and have created over a billion dollars worth of offers during his prime. But what really is copywriting? Most of us only know of copywriting as a method of doing a copy of the original, and we all know that the outcome is the black and white version of it. 

So copywriting that is associated with marketing is a part of writing for businesses, but your main goal is to generate a response from the public, making it very different in practice. It’s the reverse of formal business so marketing copy needs to be informal, direct and accessible because its purpose is to entice or persuade rather than to introduce a business or a company. But being informal depends on the subject matter being presented. 

He made it clear that unless you came to one of his $2,000 workshops, you probably should not have a copy of his blueprints that he used in copywriting. And now he’s giving away copies of these laminated blueprint cheat sheets for free, you just need to pay for the shipping that costs $6.95. Is there any catch on why he’s doing this? He explained that this is his way of introducing people to his system, the FIBS (Fill-in-the-blank Writing System).

The FIBS laminated cheat sheets is basically a system developed by Perry to help new and existing copywriters create great “copies” that drive in customers. By following the steps in his invented strategies which he calls maps and formulas, you will be able to, in no time, gain innumerable clients all over the world and catch up to him as a multi million dollar business owner in the field of copywriting. So what’s included in the package?

Aside from the copy of the blueprint cheat sheet of the FIBS system, it also comes with a lot of bonus tools and reports that can improve your copywriting skills. The system consists of 3 major parts: The Research Map, Headline Writing Formula and the Story Design Formula. The bundle also includes cash grabbing headline video training that you can watch and learn from during your free time and a whole year free FIBS membership which allows you to be part of their community.

According to him, the research map will help you uncover the deepest, darkest desire of your potential customers. That sounds crazy ‘cuz it almost feels like you’re a stalker or something but he claimed that all the world’s marketing gurus who followed the process have become successful. He will also teach you how to make an eye-catching headline together with an interesting story design which will leave readers no choice but to finish the whole section.

You can give it a try if you have an extra change of $7 in your pocket, no harm. You can have it directly delivered to you by answering all the required fields in this website including your name and address where the product will be shipped at. If you’re not satisfied with the product or you don’t like the contents written on it, they still offer a 60-day money back guarantee for their customers. No delays, just contact their customer support for more info.

The take is that he’s been using the exact same system for over 30 years and you can look at the results.  He has spent millions of dollars on advertising and ensuring that the formula works, so that’s a check on testing. Even if you’re new, no niche, or no experience, you can easily learn these step-by-step procedures that you can bring along with whatever you decide on doing, and create a flashy eye-catching sales letter with it.

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