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The Cosmic Creator Program Review (Bobby Goodwin)

Bobby Goodwin

Bobby Goodwin has recently been posting bible verses exclusively. That’s what having a “Christ-centered” business offer does to ya, I guess. However, the description doesn’t really fit The Cosmic Creator program we’ll be reviewing today as it’s for Bobby’s The Abundant Kingdom Academy instead. What’s the difference between ‘em, I’ll tell ya below.

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But first, let’s talk about Bobby himself. He gotta thank me because no one’s really talking about him. Not even him is talking about him, if that makes sense. Like I said, he’s all about bible verses in his ‘gram. If not that, it’s a handful of pictures of his lil daughter. Overall, his social media is just very dry of content. Dryer than freakin’ Sahara desert.

All I have is his website for reference. What stood out to me there is his backstory. It’s like taking a page out of a guru-fied western shoot ‘em up movie. Not only did he lose his mother and job, he also got rear-ended in SF bridge and got chased by the gang in the ‘hood [too much action for a Charmin ultra soft looking fella to be true]. Not to mention that $130k debt he accumulated over the years.

Regarding his debt, he’s trying his hardest to get out of it. He consolidated bills, he tried to file bankruptcy, he took transformational courses, but nothing really helped. Every time he makes progress, there’s always a setback that follows. As if there’s an invisible string that’s pulling him back.

T’was frustrating to deal with until he learned about the power of his so-called subconscious reprogramming of the mind. It’s all about the mindset apparently. So, him taking a transformational course is a step in the right direction afterall. What they say, he’s a little confused, but he got the spirit.

Methods in other courses just didn’t work to break his “glass ceiling”, only his did. Thanks to his three-phase Be-You method [I swear, I’m not making this up], he’s able to pay off all his debts within twelve months, and even got him and his fam a nice crib in a nice, expensive city in Cali. End of story.

With how vague his copy is, I ain’t buying what he says. His sudden shift in who’s to account for this mindset transformation is big sus too. From some unnamed, you’ve guessed it, cosmic creator to Christ himself. Like, damn dude, why not mention Him at the start if you’re really serious? Seems like it’s more of a business decision, IYKWIM.

But, yeah, to answer the question at the start, The Cosmic Creator is just the same with what he offers right now (The Abundant Kingdom Academy) minus the deity involved. Specifically, this dude, who’s looking like the woo woo, excessive-hand-gestures-is-life version of Anthony Morrison, claims to help spiritually-focused business owners produce above average business results.

He’ll teach you how to tap into your “creator element”, get out of your own way, and get into “natural alignment of flow” inside of you. Again, I’ll say that I’m not making this up. Dude is seriously spitting some nonsense in his flow as if he’s selling us some essential oils. No wonder he switched it up, he’s probably running out of ideas for ‘em fancy words.

The Cosmic Creator Program Review

Also, this is just another flavor of removing limiting beliefs ala Tim Han’s. Bobby mainly calls it the strong, self-sabotaging belief. Other times, he brings up the thesaurus and calls it veil, blocks, resistance, and all the similar terms he can muster. He adds, “it’s the one that pushes them [business owners] down no matter the amount of effort and time they put in.” Putting too much emphasis on mindset, eh?

Look, I don’t necessarily hate self-help programs. If you have lots of extra money and some fella speaks in a way that resonates with ya, then I won’t stop you from getting their courses. Although, don’t expect me to encourage ‘em either. Not when they claim that they’re some sort of a money-making course.

Hate to break it to ya, but most, if not all businesses don’t run on vibes exclusively. Having a good mindset is an advantage, but that alone is not enough to get you a winning biz. A coaching program like The Cosmic Creator (price is around $3k, I presume) won’t help in picking the right business model for ya. They’re only about removing strong, self-sabotaging beliefs with all ’em Christianity flare, ‘member?

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