Course Creation Challenge Review (SamCart)

SamCart asks you to give ‘em fourteen days to walk you through how to make money out of your passion and expertise . You might be unsure on how to do that which is why SamCart  and their Course Creation Challenge are here to the rescue. As the name of their offer implies, SamCart guarantees that you’ll be able to pick, create, and launch your very own profitable online course. Interested? Before you sign up, read this review first. Kindly scroll below.

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No confusion, no tech skills needed, no overthinking. That’s what SamCart and its co-founder Scott Moran promises you. Sure, turning your idea into an online course might look overwhelming, but that’s only because you’re missing something. Now, you’re missing what? According to SamCart, you’re just missing a proven easy-to-follow roadmap that takes you from theory to action. 

Forget about hiring a team or growing your social media presence to millions, doing that sh*t is just burning through your stacks in vain. The truth is it’s not really required on launching your online product. Again, a roadmap is all you need and you’re set. Guess what, SamCart has that and more.

The said roadmap is in this offer right here, Course Creation Challenge. SamCart describes it as their 14-day launchpad to give you clear, actionable next steps regardless of where you’re at now. As SamCart states, “No matter how whacky your course idea is now, or if you’re a complete beginner, we answer your every burning question on all things courses.”

Making this accessible to beginners means the business model here can be done on a tight budget. No fancy  equipment required. Also, it doesn’t matter if you’re busy with something in your life. Whether you’re currently “distracted” with a 9-5 job, kiddos running around, family obligations, and the likes, it’s all fine. SamCart takes that into consideration and makes it possible to work on your course in under an hour a day. 

You’ve read that right, all you need is allot under an hour a day in fourteen days. Pretty sure you can make time for that (if it’s true at all), that’s like dropping one episode a day. No big deal to do that plus it’s a way to stop that “just one more episode before bed” BS y’all telling yourselves.

For days one to five, you’ll learn about the following topics: Picking your niche, choosing your topic, using the POD method,  and writing the perfect course title. Within this time period, SamCart will also share a five-part course outline to push you to keep working on your online course. Be gone, distractions!

Then, days six to ten will be all about creating the course itself. Making slides, editing training videos that don’t really need to include you, and all that. Finally, days eleven to fourteen will focus on how-to’s of marketing. Topics discussed here include instructions on getting traffic, tips on using Facebook ads, and hacks on sales and conversion.

Course Creation Challenge Review

By signing up for Course Creation Challenge, you’ll get all of that info in video format plus the following bonuses: Facebook Ads 101, 14 Live Q and A calls, The Official SamCart Studio Setup, The Six-Figure Course Breakdown, and access to a Facebook community group. What’s the price for all of this, then? Well, Course Creation Challenge cost a one time payment of $47.

Obviously, a review like this wouldn’t be complete without my thoughts. What’s good, what’s bad, but we’ll start with the former. The good: Course Creation Challenge is affordable. Although, I should say that this is also partly bad too since you can really get the same info for zero cost and zero unrealistic promises (contrary to SamCart’s claim, this could be really time consuming).

Then, there’s the full-on bad: Course Creation Challenge will tie you up with using SamCart. I’ve mentioned this before in a review, but these guys are notorious for fraudulent charges and sh*tty customer service. Thought you’ll only be paying $47? How about getting charged with a $349 yearly plan without giving you a heads up? That’s what exactly happened to Patricia, and now her request for refunds is getting denied. You don’t want to be like Patricia, do you? With that said, I’m not recommending Course Creation Challenge or any of SamCart offers.

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