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WiFi Wealth Review (Brycen Cox)

Brycen Cox

Brycen Cox, the self-proclaimed Mister WiFi Wealth, has a consulting company with the same name as his title… minus the Mister, of course. Together with his wife Jerrika, he created the company in hopes of helping others achieve financial freedom through a successful e-commerce biz and social media presence. The promise is you’ll be free from the 9-5 grind, and able to wake up whenever and easily make residual income wherever.  Will they be able to deliver? I’ll answer below.

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Yes, they’re a consulting company, but what do they mean with the e-commerce biz and social media presence they’ll help set up? It’s kinda boring to say the two straight-up at this point, so we’ll spice things up a bit and I’ll let you take a guess first. Ready?

For the e-commerce biz, my hint would be it’s from a man who shares a name with an American serial killer who was unfortunately romanticized due to a recent Netflix documentary. Dumb Netflix, but the killer is (Jeffrey) Dahmer. Of course, it has to be Jeffrey Bezos and his Amazon FBA. The usual.

The other one is created by a guy who’s accused of being a shape-shifting lizard man. Funny that he had to say that he’s not one. Yup, he really said “I am not a lizard” live on TV, pffft. He’s none other than Mark Zuckerberg. Guy owns Facebook and Instagram, and Brycen offers growing your presence on the latter.

In summary, WiFi Wealth offers services such as DFY Amazon FBA Automation and Instagram Growth. Like I said, it’s the usual for ‘em money making programs… Wait, scratch that, I’d rather call this as the usual in terms of business model. I had to clarify because there’s actually something odd in here.

In particular, the way they do their DFY Amazon FBA automation is a bit… different. For one, they won’t let you pick the product on ya Amazon store. Not even the niche. It’s not you to choose, but them using their proprietary product selection software and “algorithm”. Which is, to be frank, probably just ‘em eenie meenie miney mo-ing. I mean, no way they do their product research well when there are reviews stating that their product of choice is swiftly rejected by Amazon.

To think that they flex this algorithm of theirs as something that can tell which Amazon products will sell well when that same sh*t choose a product that can’t be sold at all. I don’t even have high expectations of ‘em and their algo (if it’s damn good, they’ll keep it to themselves), but holy f*ck, they’re still able to disappoint. Seriously, they shouldn’t be THAT bad.

Odd things aside, here’s the rundown of what you’ll get on their offers. The Instagram growth is simply getting followers while the DFY Amazon FBA thang includes lotta promises that they say they’ll do for ya. These include doing the following for you: Amazon storefront, private label, and trademark brand creation; product selection; listing optimization; hands off customer service; inventory management; and supplier networking.

See how I use the word promises above? It’s because Brycen and his WiFi Wealth company take the quote “promises are meant to be broken” waaaay too seriously. In other words, they’d be saying things you might wanna hear, but they’ll eventually fail to deliver. Which is unacceptable since WiFi Wealth’s DFY offer cost around $20k to avail.

WiFi Wealth Review

Not only did Brycen and WiFi Wealth fail with product selection, they also didn’t even try to make up for their mistakes. They just usually sweep it under the rug and pretend everything’s fine. *Narrator voice* Everything was NOT fine. For instance, a guy mentions he’s been working with WiFi Wealth for ten long months, yet they’ve done absolutely nothing. They only squeeze his wallet dry with ‘em management fees, and even Amazon penalties that they, WiFi Wealth, cause themselves because they’re not doing their job well. Just wow.

Meanwhile, another reviewer states how WiFi Wealth is unreachable most of the time. The notable one is when they messed up his Amazon store and all they can muster is…nothing, they actually go radio silent on him. Then, they have the audacity to sneakily update the terms from 70/30 profit split to 50/50, and put fees for customer service when it used to be free (as it should be).

Obviously, I wouldn’t recommend WiFi Wealth just like every other program that promises DFY Amazon FBA Automation. Most of them are complete bull and dogsh*t anyway,with WiFi Wealth up there in the sh*ttiest list. Funny how Brycen’s name hints at this BS. If he’s a Cox, then he’s also a dick. An arrogant, thieving dick at that. Hard pass!

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