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Hayden Crabtree has been an active real estate investor for more than six years now. But in his first year, he first worked for a successful investor free of charge, like an internship of sorts. Most people may not be willing to take something like that, but he did anyway. It’s strong proof of how badly he wanted to learn and succeed in real estate. It paid well however because the training that he received from it can be compared to a multimillion dollar’s worth of education. Something that has helped him immensely as he began to slowly delve into real estate investing.

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Soon enough, his goal was to just invest in one property, and use it to earn money through rentals. But he later realized that he needs to think big if he wants to score big. As Hayden says, “So the biggest lesson for me is whenever you can go from one door to ten doors to a hundred doors, not only are you gonna make a lot more money in a lot less time, but you’re also gonna have a lot less risk, right? Because if we have a house and that one person doesn’t pay, we have zero dollars of income. But if we have four hundred storage units and one person doesn’t pay? We really don’t even notice it. So for us, the storage space just makes a lot of sense.”

Hayden Crabtree further explains that a real estate investment is something that doesn’t drop in value and demand regardless of the situation. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. “It’s extremely useful and calming to be in a business that people need. Demand doesn’t go down during bad times. For example, during the pandemic, not only did our real estate investing business not dip, but it actually increased. So, for what it’s worth, a lot of people are worried about: What if the market collapses? What if people don’t pay? And I always tell people, ‘You’re in control of that. What you invest in determines your outcome.’”

Thus, Hayden wrote a book titled Skip The Flip. The book contains most of the lessons and knowledge that he has acquired during his experience as a real estate investor. And true to its title, he specifically advises his readers to avoid the “fix-and-flip” business model in real estate. Because you won’t be able to build wealth in that model. You won’t get the tax benefits, you miss out on that glorious monthly residual income, the debt pay down over time, and other benefits when you’re doing fix-and-flips. Because the idea is going for the long game, riding on the long-term inflation wave so that your properties appreciate, along with your income, as the years go by.

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Hayden explains his reason for writing Skip The Flip. “I wrote the book for a basic guide. Whether you’ve never done a deal before in your life, whether you’re thinking about flipping houses, whether you flipped a couple and wanna get into rentals. You know, it’s essentially a progression of my story. How I went from house flipper, residential renter, to commercial, raising capital, and how it’s done, step-by-step. And listen, I’m not opposed to house flipping. It is what it is. It’s a business. it’s not investing. There’s a lot of risks and it’s not a residual income play.”

So instead of flipping, buying and renting out houses is a little better in Hayden’s book. There’s a lot more inventory, there are a lot more financing options, so it’s a decent place to start. But not just any kind of house for rent. Commercial real estate investing is where you’ll get exponential gains in cash flow, tax breaks, and wealth accumulation. Basically, you’re going to look for some businesses and negotiate with them to rent your property so they can set up their business there.

But of course, negotiating and handling commercial buildings may be a bit of work for everyone, so Hayden Crabtree also offers his own coaching program, called Real Estate Cash Flow Accelerator. Here in this program, you’ll be given an opportunity to learn real estate investing with Hayden himself, and benefit from his experience in finding good deals, marketing, negotiating and closing deals with clients, and even managing your properties. There’s no mention of how much the Real Estate Cash Flow Accelerator costs, and as usual with these coaching programs, you have to book a call to find out. It’s easy to assume that it’s going to cost up to tens of thousands of dollars, though. Hayden Crabtree seems to be a cool guy in my book, so this may be worth it for some people. The real estate industry is very expensive overall, though, so it might be better to invest in digital real estate instead.

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