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FBA Launch Review (Craig Emslie)

Craig Emslie

Craig Emslie claims to have been in the eCommerce space for over half a decade. Together with his buddies, he apparently tested out strategies on three different Amazon FBA stores in 2016. Whatever worked well was combined and fed to their software that was allegedly responsible for over twenty five million dollars sales. The latter resulted in their proven systems, the one used on their FBA Launch program. Scroll below for my review about it.

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ClickProfit, the company offering the FBA Launch program, was not founded until 2019, though. Of course, Craig and his buddies would choose a narrative that favors them. Trying their hardest to make it look like they worked on actual FBA stores first before opening up their team to aspiring entrepreneurs like you and providing DFY Amazon FBA service. I doubt it.

For one, they claim to have lots of stores under their management already, but never bothered to drop a single link to one of them. Seriously, where’s the damn sauce, Craig? He’s saying that Amazon is far from being saturated, but then won’t reveal one store out of their hundreds because it might get copied or something.

Aside from the BS on Amazon not being saturated when it actually is, this doesn’t make sense too when his oh-so-powerful software can churn out winning products once your current one is on the downtrend. If you won’t run out of wildly profitable products to suggest, why so pressed about one getting copied? Make it make sense.

And, oh, speaking of the software, I’m also skeptical of it as well. I’m not born yesterday to not notice the way they filled their software’s description with buzzwords and nonsense. Sh*t’s bad, alright. They only mentioned the team involved and the amount of investment put in, then threw in terms like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning for good measure. They’re giving us a sort of backstory instead of what is actually the needed info: An explanation of how it does what it does.

The software needs more data from you, they say, but for what? It compares against 26 “real life” variables, they say once again, but what’s to compare? Also, what are these variables to be exact? Of course, they wouldn’t explain further because they’re likely bullsh*tting. Surface-level, out-of-place info to impress suckers who know no better. Ugh.

Obviously, I won’t be recommending FBA Launch anytime soon. But I know some of y’all still have the itch to know the actual premise of the program, and I’m here to deliver on that. Better read it here than on their site, I guess. So, to summarize, FBA Launch program claims to build, manage, and scale your store for you. Y’know, just like the usual DFY Amazon FBA offer.

What’s a lil bit unique here is their claim of not taking any admin fee of some sort upfront. Means all the money you’ll give ‘em at the start will be used for inventory. Neat, but I won’t be trusting ‘em to honor their promise (they won’t make me, so I wouldn’t). The said cost of FBA Launch starts at around $25k-$50k.

FBA Launch Review

In a few weeks or so they say, they’ll have your store up and running with their winning system plugged in. They do everything besides assuming the tremendous financial risk which is all on you. They set up the account; they choose the product and source it from their partner brands; then, they prepare the products in their own warehouse (that they can show a single pic of) to eventually ship it to Amazon’s. 

Pricey starting fee and probably a hefty cut over your net profits too, yet it’s not enough for them. They would insist that it’ll be better if you invest more, even suggesting taking risky loans which is just irresponsible. To them, it’s the sh*t you must do to win this numbers game.

With the way they wrote their copy, what only matters to them is the product and the amount you would put in for the inventory. Not the advertising (saw one screenshot with zero Amazon PPC cost) nor the product listing. I don’t deny the importance of product selection, but it’s definitely not enough to be successful in this overly saturated FBA space. Also, a bigger inventory doesn’t necessarily mean more sales and profit. Seems like Craig just wants you to invest more, so he and his buddies can pocket more for themselves. I said what I said.

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