Craig Proctor Review (Real Estate Coaching)

Real estate brokerage has had a history since 1855 and a community of real estate agents known today as Association of Realtors has long been established since 1908. In our current industry, real estate coaches keep on popping like mushrooms, introducing programs that can somehow help you get started with real estate investing and Craig Proctor is supposedly one of them. Is his program helpful and profitable for those newcomers in the said field? You’ll get to know him more in my review below.

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Craig Proctor is a seasoned real estate agent before he became a lifetime coach that helps people not just to significantly increase their results but also greatly improve their quality of life through spreading the words of his approaches. Having experiences for more than 20 years, he has been part of the RE/MAX (Real Estate Maximums) company and under the age of 30, he’s been awarded as the #1 RE/MAX agent and became the youngest RE/MAX agent to be number one worldwide.

Together with two other people, they published a book named “Death of the Traditional Real Estate Agent: Rise of the Super-Profitable Real Estate Sales Team”. A busy man with quite a number of accomplishments indeed. In the book, they discuss the problems and challenges real estate agents face and the other half of it were testimonials, or more like a sales brochure for coaching services. These are just a number of his achievements and there are many more but let’s now get to the main point.

The Craig Proctor program is called the Quantum Leap Real Estate Success System and you can apply for it for the cost of $1395. The system delivers real, current and proven solutions to real estate agents and brokers with the use of the technique “reverse prospecting” where the prospect buyers were the one hunting down the agents and not the other way around, so they say. It also teaches highly effective scripts, conversion and presentation systems to help their students realize their goal.

Before you take the leap of faith and join the system, you might want to try first their Craig Proctor Discovery Days where they held free seminars monthly in markets across NA. You can also do one-on-one free business consultation with a real estate coach from their team. And lastly, you can attend their 3-day Ultimate Real Estate SuperConference which is only held six times a year and is said to be one of the most powerful real estate seminars in the industry. You can look at schedules for these events on their website.

Coaching, training, personal development is of the utmost importance for anybody who wants to excel. The road to success is too tough to do it by yourself”, says David Liniger, co-founder of RE/MAX Int. Inc and one of the speakers in Craig’s SuperConference. Other great speakers come together in these SuperConferences to inspire people that they don’t care if they’re from different companies, what they care is that they’re being great realtors building their great businesses.

Well, here’s the thing, you won’t get discriminated against as long as you’re doing what you love together with the people who are in the same passion and craft as you. It’s better to have someone or even a community to share your thoughts with and grow as a whole. Joining such conferences will lead you to know people and eventually build a connection with them that can help you prosper with your business.

Craig Proctor is very sincere with the success of each and everyone who joins the program. If you’re not into it, he still understands and respects your choice. “The only way that you can not succeed with the system is not doing it. They offer amazing coaching and support” as per one of the reviews sent by an anonymous sender. There are also testimonials about other realtors saying that the system is easy to copy and execute that leads to having great results.

As per the saying, “you cannot please everyone” is true in every case. Other reviews say that you must be in the right place to execute such a system. It only works for a less saturated real estate populace. Worst thing about this is that you won’t get any refunds after you join and prove that the program is not for you. Anyhow, success and achievements has spoken itself for this man, Craig Proctor. With prior research, you’ll be able to know if the program’s right for you or not.

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