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Sabri Suby believes that a lot of marketers today are doing plenty of blunders in their marketing campaigns. The ads they run are full of crap, their landing pages look like garbage, and their offers are just simply meh. It’s no wonder a lot of businesses feel like they’re overworked, yet their sales and rate of conversions are just not up to spec. Sabri then claims he can change all that, and his techniques, once applied, will allow any business to…yes…”sell like crazy.” But is he the real deal? And what does he offer to the table this time? Let’s find out in this Sell Like Crazy review.

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Sabri Suby developed his selling technique early on in his life. He initially applied for a sales career when he was 16 years old. He got the post after he, and two other candidates, won it in a competition. Despite this, he came in last place among his 13 sales team members. Due to this, his supervisor threatened to fire him in seven days if he did not improve his performance. As a consequence of this predicament, he had no option but to alter his plan immediately. This is where he started to develop his sales technique.

Sabri then started fighting back against his callers, challenging them to buy instead of giving up due to their arguments. And thanks to this, his sales stats soared when he broke the team’s sales record. He even claimed that he was making upwards of $2,000 worth of sales each week for the company, thus rising through the ranks of sales representatives. And this accomplishment served as a catapult for him to launch his own company.

After working as a salesman for many years, he created King Kong, a digital marketing firm. His firm grew to employ dozens of individuals over the following few years. As a result, his marketing firm is a huge success for him. He then took everything that he learned during his sales career, developed it into a system that, as he claims, can be copied and pasted by any business owner while still retaining its sales effectiveness, and packed them into his own book. That was titled Sell Like Crazy.

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Sell Like Crazy not only contains all the strategies that Sabri does to generate a flood of sales, but it also shows you the most typical blunders that keep firms stuck in the feast or famine cycle. His selling system revolves around eight phases. The first phase is catching your dream client. You may start improving your sales by developing your understanding of the needs of your ideal clientele. He also believes that just a small percentage of the population is attempting to purchase time in any specific business. He claims that in order to make your message stand out and gain clients, you must go far deeper. It would be beneficial to figure out what your consumers really desire.

The second phase is making the perfect date. Sabri explains this by citing some HVCOs (High-Value Content Offers) as an example. He explains all of the advantages of these HVCO by using a comparison that most firms employ. He has also compiled a list of qualities that an HVCO must have in order to help you, such as using a catchy title, making certain that each point addresses a hot topic, simplicity, and the necessity of the title in content marketing. The third phase is capturing leads. Suby starts with the following analogy: You have customers in the same way that you have a spouse. Basically, you had to do some wining and dining before proposing. This phase exemplifies Suby’s way of entertaining customers. He also shares some basic rules for producing the most successful headlines here

The fourth phase is what he calls “The Godfather Strategy,” based on the movie with its namesake. It’s a reference from the line from the movie itself, “I’m going to make him an offer he can’t refuse.” In this sense, Sabri talks about how you can make a compelling offer for your customers. As he points out, you need to “sell what people [your target market] desires.” The fifth phase is boosting traffic. Then he demonstrates how to set up Google and Facebook pay-per-click advertisements that convert well. Sabri also gives you advice on how much you should spend on these paid ads, depending on how much your customer pays you.

The sixth phase of Sabri’s selling method is what he calls “The Magic Lantern Technique.” As an example, consider a blue light that attracts insects. As a result, your prospects are consistently drawn to you. It’s just a collection of video emails promoting your offer, which is ideal for prospects that opt into your landing page without purchasing anything. The seventh phase is the proper sales process, and how to avoid blunders in it. He analyzes what 90 percent of salespeople do in order to show how an average salesman messes up the deal. Many of them merely yell out all of the advantages and characteristics of their goods and services throughout the presentation, in the hopes of convincing their prospects to buy them.

The final phase is how to automate the entire business process to drastically reduce your workload, and to scale the business. He gives a method to automate the process of marketing and sales, such as filling out an email, producing a sales page, filming a video, and recording webinars, so that you may benefit from it on a consistent basis. There are also some tips on how to hire qualified people for these tasks. The Sell Like Crazy book is normally priced at $24.95, plus shipping expenses. But for a limited time, Sabri wants to send you a copy for free. He’ll pay for the book. All he asks is for you to cover the cost of shipping and handling. Doesn’t matter where you live. Anyone can order from any country.

My verdict? I believe he, like other gurus, makes too many strong promises in his sales presentation to get people into his sales funnel. While Sabri himself has proven that he’s the real deal, it’s still difficult for me to trust him just because he wrote one book. It’s not even the most comprehensive one out there. So my suggestion is to avoid wasting your time with this. But hey! Free stuff is always nice. It’s not that free though since there’s still shipping costs.

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