CreatorU Traffic Bundle Review (Brian Moran)

Brian Moran

Brian Moran of ScamCart— i mean, SamCart– has yet another course to sell. It’s called CreatorU Traffic Bundle. This time, it’s even cheaper than the 1 Simple Page offer, and you’ll only pay one time unlike the latter… or so I thought! As in they got a way to make y’all pay a yearly subscription without you knowing at all. Sneaky m’f*ckers, I know. The rest of the review is down below.

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As the name implies, the CreatorU Traffic Bundle is about how to get Grammys… Nah, just playing with y’all like how the voting members do Queen Bey and her Renaissance album [sh*t’s rigged, JK]. Well, actually, the course is about how to get online traffic. Oh, and also, how to build your audience, and sell your stuff without spending a dime on paid ads.

“Traffic shortcut for creators” is the big, bold headline in CreatorU Traffic’s website. Means what’s working now for top creators, you’ll apparently get in this course. Go from zero to 100k in TikTok followers in just two and half months, 78k Instagram followers in twelve months, over 10k blog readers in a month, 1.8m YouTube subs in a time period they didn’t disclose, yada yada… Wait, what do these even figures mean?

SamCart’s YouTube channel is remotely close to a million subs, only 29.8k at the time of writing this, so I don’t think it’s a subs guarantee for you. So, what was the reason for including the training? Like, can’t they practice what they preach? Whatcha doin’, Brian?

They could have better, more respectable numbers if they just copy the so-called top creators they hired for CreatorU Traffic Bundle. Why can’t they just do that? Make it make sense. Or maybe, it’s an indirect admission that their training doesn’t work, or at least, getting results out of it is not as simple as it sounds.

Anyhow, here’s what they say about why creators are struggling. The truth why it happens is because of using strategies that are flawed, irrelevant, or outdated. By flawed, they mean it’s implementing the generic stuff you see on the internet without considering how overused it is already, and how it’s not suited for your biz.

Then, they call it irrelevant when it’s not necessarily generic advice, just something that’s not right for your particular biz. Because maybe, they’re only for big marketing teams and brands, and unfortunately, you and your biz is not up there yet. The point is, there’s no such thing as one size fits all when it comes to getting traffic.

By outdated, they mean using marketing strategies that don’t work anymore. Because y’know, time changes, and so are trends. Just like how VHS and cassette tapes were a hot commodity before, but not so much right now. You gotta know what’s “in” and effective today, don’t rely on nostalgia alone.

CreatorU Traffic Bundle Review

Now, here’s some of the training that you’ll get in CreatorU Traffic Bundle: Top 10 Secrets for Getting 1,829,768 YouTube Subscribers with Rock Ullah; Trigger a Surge of Organic Traffic with Kimberly Jimenez; Leverage Your Content & Expand Your Reach with James Wedmore; Quick Sales from “Mini-Offers” with Amy Porterfield; and Create & Launch a #1 Ranked Podcast (Without Being Famous). The rest are listed here, so feel free to check it out yourself [or not].

In addition, you’ll also get one year access to all other training inside CreatorU [not only the Traffic Bundle]. The price of the CreatorU Traffic Bundle? Well, supposedly, CreatorU Traffic Bundle only cost a one time payment of $19 [$10 if you opt for the PDF only version]. But that truth is, it’s actually a yearly subscription that rebills at $144 in a year. Ding, unauthorized CC charges alert!

You’ll really never know it’s a recurring subscription unless you read the emailed receipt. Are they even sending rebill receipts because reviews say they’re not. Also, I caught them capping in response to a BBB complaint. Contrary to what they say there, you’ll never find any indication, not even a fine print,  that issa yearly sub in their checkout page. Save yourself from the hassle and don’t buy the bundle because CreatorU is definitely not for U.

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