John Crestani Review

John Crestani

John Crestani always flaunts his pile of cash when doing promotional videos for his courses and affiliate program. After all, he is teaching you how to make a lot of “Benjamin’s” (aka 100 US Dollars). Is he a genuine guy who can teach you how to generate an income or just a self-proclaimed financial guru who cannot back up the promises of his program? Find the truth by reading this John Crestani review below.

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John Crestani is internationally renowned affiliate marketing expert and digital nomad. He is the founder of Super Affiliate System (known as Internet Jetset before) that provides resources on building your own affiliate program. For him, it is his mission to teach aspiring marketers on how they can be successful like him. According to him, “the world needs to accelerate towards an economy based on passionate self-employment.”

John Crestani’s path to being a successful affiliate marketer and entrepreneur is not that easy. Just like the majority, he was working at a 9-5 job at a marketing firm located at Los Angeles. He is doing well and a good marketer for the firm, like” bringing in six figures in revenue” good. Despite his impressive performance, he was denied of a salary increase when he asked for it. This results to him losing motivation to work. He underperforms so much that the said firm fired him.

The said firing is a blessing in disguise since it enables him to use his extensive network and marketing skills to create a lot of successful companies on affiliate marketing and online advertising. Finally, he was able to escape the 9-5 grind while achieving financial freedom and living his life on his own terms. He claims that he wants his students to replicate the same success.

However, a lot has labelled John Crestani as nothing but as a scam artist. I do not think that he is, but the “scammer” label is understandable due to several reasons. First reason is his very aggressive marketing strategy. He is practically everywhere, at least on YouTube ads. Majority of his promotional videos are him flexing his stack of “Benjamin’s,” the transformation from bundled bills piled in the desk to making them rain through a Supreme money gun has been made fun by netizens. He is also applauded sarcastically by content creators as a real innovative marketer since he tapped in a market left unexplored by other internet marketers: encouraging parents to get their kids to copy and paste ads business. As a famous guru reviewer on YouTube said, “John Crestani has taken the wealth clickbait to another level.” On his course, however, John reiterates that it is not a get rich quick thing and you must work hard to get results.

John Crestani Review

The second reason is him employing shady tactics on his program. As mentioned on my Super Affiliate System review before, there are instances of fake scarcity and upsells in his program. There are also discrepancies on the refund policy wherein they offer a 30-day money back guarantee on the program’s checkout page but explicitly says that “company does not issue warranties or offer refunds of any kind” on their terms and conditions.

Another reason is him being involved with issues that negatively affects his reputation. He got suspended from a university for hacking the system and selling the answers to other students. He was also banned from Paypal for selling a similar course to Super Affiliate System Paypal did not approve of. Worst is the allegations of him stealing another Youtuber’s content on copywriting. John did not acknowledge the issue nor release a statement/apology; he just deleted the video which likely implies that John was guilty of content theft.

The said reasons are red flags but in no way conclusive evidence that John is a scam artist. He provides actual product and contents when you sign up for his program. Unlike other gurus, his course is reasonably priced and comprehensive enough to effectively learn the business model he is teaching. You can generate a decent income through his affiliate program and the mentioned issues of him are not really an indicator of a bad internet marketer. Still, I will be wary of transacting with him and recommend finding other internet marketers with better reputation first before you settle on him and his program. Better yet, do not limit yourself to affiliate marketing since there might be a business model more suited for you.

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