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Joshua Crisp Review (Amz Together)

Amz Together

Joshua Crisp is once only a high school dropout and nothing else. His job ain’t fancy either. Well, it’s literally a dirty and “garbage” job as he’s hand sorting through trash for a minimum wage. Despite that, he always believes that there’s a better life ahead of him and his fam. No lie in it apparently as he got millions from his Amazon endeavor. More info about him and his Amz Together program in my review below.

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According to Joshua, his mentor that time mentioned Amazon and how he thought it’s the next big thing. It is if we’re taking Joshua’s claim of success in Amazon as the truth. His mentor? Jeff Bezos. Just kidding. No one really knows who that dude is besides Joshua himself. And the mentor’s identity is not that important, anyway. His part in Joshua’s story is just to encourage you to have a mentor on your own… someone like Joshua now, y’know. Coincidence? I think not.

Just like any typical gurus, he spins the narrative of him having a mentorship to something philanthropic. He’s grateful he’s in a better place now, so his way of giving back is him helping others to get where he is now too. “Remembering where I was and knowing how the information can change others lives is what inspired me to get into this business,” recounts him. Cool story bro. I’ll only believe it if he’s not offering sh*tty courses and DFY services no more. For now, I call BS.

To set up his Amz Together program, he also never fails to mention his failures before he finally got a W. Not once, not twice, but thrice. In other words, his first three products are a massive flop before he hits the jackpot on the fourth one. That’s where the slogan “you’re only one product away” came from. What he’s probably implying is you’re one winning Amazon product away from getting the Lambos and all the fancy sh*t he’s posting with. Well, my retort would be you’re one Amz Together product away from losing at least a thousand bucks. Too harsh? Nah.

First of all, their promised timeline where you’ll go from zero to hero real quick is already a red flag. Get rich quick on the ever saturated Amazon FBA market? Hell nah, he’s obviously capping. Who’s gonna believe the claims of “brand new account from zero to $10k per month the first month product was launched” to “…zero to $85k a month in six months.” I hope you don’t. C’mon, even his screenshots with sales figures are misleading too.

As I’ve mentioned before, he and his Amz Together is also notorious for putting up overpriced and sh*tty courses and DFY offers. To start, Amz Together’s flagship course in The AMZ Formula is excessively priced at $997 when his “secret tactics” are just the obvious things you can find on YouTube and on amazon FBA itself for free. I’m not paying thousand bucks for webcam quality videos with half-assed presentations either.

Joshua Crisp Review

If you’re banking on the refund policy to save you from the course’s purchase, then think again. The refund policy states that you can only get your money back when you don’t purchase on a discount. But the usual price, $997, is actually labeled as a “discounted” figure. So, guess what, you’ll never satisfy that slimy refund policy ever! I warned ya.

On the other hand, Amz Together’s DFY offer that cost $30k (plus a couple grand more for the products) is much worse. They promise you to have your store in around two months, but usually ends up taking longer than expected. What they’ll come up with is pathetic anyway, so, technically speaking, it’ll be many months in with nothing to show for. Them taking months to respond to your emails during this whole ordeal is just the cherry on top.

Obviously, I don’t recommend paying for any offers under Joshua Crisp and his Amz Together program. Don’t fall for the luxury items he’s flexing, he’s probably just renting ‘em out anyway. I’ll personally won’t believe him having winning Amazon stores churning out millions when he can’t put up any good stuff. Heck, any legit millionaire won’t have some dumb “bluepreint” misspelling in their homepage, upfront in the site and not in an obscure page, like him. Have some lambos, but can’t hire a copyreader for much cheaper? Make it make sense.

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