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Crushing it On Camera Review (Abby Walla & David Storch)

Abby Walla & David Storch

Abby Walla and David Storch mention that they coach entrepreneurs how to become confident, authentic, and awesome on camera, so the latter won’t need twenty goddamn takes that span over two, three hours just to put up a two-minute video. They also add how there’ll be no more mini meltdowns too due to fear of looking like a complete idiot. Why’d you want all that, I’ll tell you in my Crushing It On Camera review down below.

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The main reason why entrepreneurs would want Abby and David’s Crushing It On Camera training is for them to attract their dream clients. Attracting dream clients means making more meaningful connections with their audience, and becoming a go-to authority [or something close] in their niche.

Apparently, the duo knows what it takes to do the latter— making more meaningful connections and becoming the go-to authority in a niche— as they’ve worked alongside countless A-listers before on HBO, Netflix, NBC and more. Been there, done that typa sh*t.

It doesn’t matter if you’re either a complete noob who never made a video your whole life or a “seasoned” one who consistently made some that just won’t convert. Their so-called Hollywood method just works every single time… like magic! No, it’s not the kind of magic where the duo would pull a fluffy rabbit out of a top hat. It’s not some voodoo stuff that involves dolls and poking needles in it either.

It’s the magic that’d make an awkward, camera-anxious person not-so-awkward and anxious anymore. Just like what they did on one of their clients named Steff. Apparently, she had tons of camera anxiety before, and just the thought of recording herself in front of the camera is enough to make her sweat bullets. But with Crushing It On Camera, she’s able to conquer the said fear and was able to start her very own YouTube channel.

It’s also the magic that made Wilson earn $10k sales in just a single Facebook live. Ten freakin’ k in essentially one sitting. Who would have thought that a person who initially thought that their personality is not coming across at the fullest would make bank that quick? Not me, that’s for sure. Not when the duo, the masters of the said craft supposedly, are not really able to make me go “shut up and take my money” with their pitch. Not even close.

At the end of the day, it all actually boils down to making more money. You’d want to look good in front of the camera because it drives engagement. Something about simps, er, I mean peeps watching your video from start to finish and not skipping a beat, rather than them hopping off after the first few secs. Better engagement means better payouts, of course.

Got nothing to sell? Well, content creation itself could be your money making career. Y’know, just like Steff I mentioned above who’s apparently a YouTuber now. Won’t recommend y’all to do the same, though. Issa grind without the assurance of getting reliable income after all the hard work. Don’t want no part of a company who’s notorious for handing out community violations left and right either.

Crushing it On Camera Review

Most importantly, I’m not fine paying around $1,500 or more for the cost of Crushing It On Camera. Simply put, I find this high ticket training for recording yourself in front of the cam just unnecessary. Too expensive for my taste, and not worth your Gs IMHO when you can just simply get yourself and your content out there. 

Also, I’m not liking how David presents himself. He cracks jokes as if he’s talking to a child when his audience are supposedly grown adults. Personally, I find it and his exaggerated theatrics cringe. It’s also somewhat insulting to me as it comes off as him not taking us seriously. Like, alright, maybe it’s his authentic, confident self, but I definitely won’t say that it’s an awesome one.

Probably t’is the reason why Abby seems like she’s giving the dude the stare. Won’t mind if she just loses it and choke the clown outta him, I’d even cheer for her fr. I mean, she’s doing a decent job in making the pitch fun while still keeping it all professional… only for David to mess it up real bad. I’d be hella salty too. With that said, I won’t be recommending Crushing It On Camera.

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