Cryptnation Lifer Review (Crypto Revolution)

Crypto Revolution

Crypto Revolution has its creators Bryce Paul and Aaron Malone suggest that investing in crypto right now is so much better than investing sooner. You don’t wanna miss out, they say. That’s what they say way back ‘19, the year Crypto Revolution was published. Any changes in their stance since then? Are they gonna keep giving the same energy true to their program Cryptnation Lifer name? Get your answer in my review about it below.

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In case you missed it, Crypto Revolution is a book about cryptocurrency specifically written for the people who are not tech savvy. No surprises with the topic, but the thing being a book might be not obvious. It’s mainly a puff piece for the pricier Cryptnation Lifer and other advisory programs of Bryce and Aaron.

That’s why it’s free, although you still need to pay around eight bucks for the shipping fee ($24.95 if you’re outside the US). Should’ve been an ebook for a complete zero cost, but whatever. Maybe it’s their way to avoid issues with piracy or maybe they would rather “give” their book to someone willing to drop some cash right away. Maybe both.

A lot has reviewed it as a solid introduction to cryptocurrency. In terms of providing insights, that is. However, a handful of people mentioned that it’s poorly written, repetitive, and brimming with plugs and links (told ya it’s a puff piece, remember?). The most agreed upon issue here is the book not being the best work of literature. As one of the reviewers said, “feels like a bunch of dudes wrote this in their basement and didn’t ask anyone to edit it.” Oof.

That’s all I can say about the Crypto Revolution book. It’s just “meh” in terms of quality IMHO. Let us set the discussion about it aside and talk about the program getting promoted in it, the Cryptnation Lifer. The best description of Cryptnation Lifer would be a collection of resources that’s all about crypto. Full online courses, newsletters, and written guides. That kind of stuff.

Specifically, what you’ll get after purchasing Cryptnation Lifer are the following: Access  to all of  Cryptnation’s money-making resources (like its weekly Market Movers newsletter and private community), access to Crypto 101 University Video Mastery Course,  access to an entire DeFi profits portfolio, and weekly coaching calls. The price of Cryptnation Lifer? Well, Cryptnation Lifer cost a one time payment of $997 or three equal payments of $333.

Personally, I’m not down on purchasing Cryptnation Lifer for that price. I have several reasons why I find the program pricey and not worth the buy. First, I’m not impressed with the course included in the program. I’m looking for an organized curriculum, but what I’ve seen doesn’t fit the bill. Instead, it’s more like a compilation of newsletter archives and podcast style talks for the most part. Nah, that won’t cut it for me.

Second, I’ve heard chatters about Bryce and Aaron being too optimistic with the market to a fault. Not only they’re a lifer, but also a crypto d*ckridah through and through. They don’t give a flying f*ck about how down and bearish the current market is. They’ll still encourage everyone to invest, buy the dip, and ape in anyway. For the sake of selling their sh*t, the energy they’re giving off remains the same. No change in their stance at all.

Cryptnation Lifer Review

Last but not the least, I’m not convinced that the dudes behind Cryptnation Lifer are well-known experts in the crypto space. Other reviews might say that they are because, no offense, they’re too lazy to dig deeper. Like hello, isn’t it fishy that the program lacks social proof not only outside of the site, but also inside it?

And so, my curiosity on knowing more aside the generic BS Bryce and Aaron labeled themselves paid off. I’ve found out that one of them, Bryce in particular, is a former head of business development of XYO Network. The said network is a shady crypto mining site that is currently investigated by SEC for potential fraud. More likely than not, it IS fraud given the overwhelming negative reviews about it.

Won’t give Bryce the benefit of the doubt here since the sales page of Crypto Revolution is a carbon copy of how XYO sold their scam packages. Something to lure you from subscribing to his advisory (the subscription-based version of Cryptnation Lifer), then not honoring the refund policy if you ever bulge. So, he’s still doing shady things despite being off XYO since 2018. That being said, I’m outta here.

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