Crypto Crew University Review (Steve Courtney)

Steve Courtney

Steve Courtney claims that the mission of his Crypto Crew University is to change your life for the better. Specifically, Steve mentions success in cryptocurrency trading when you join his program. According to him, his program was able to transform complicated topics into simple and easy to understand training lessons. “The cost of his class is miniscule compared to the money I am now earning in crypto,” one of Steve’s students said about his program. Any truth behind the positive feedback? Read this Crypto Crew University Review to know the answer.

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Crypto Crew University is an educational program that provides training and services related to cryptocurrency. Specifically, it focuses on making profit on trading major cryptocurrency coins such as Bitcoin. It was founded by Steve Courtney, a stock and cryptocurrency trading expert. He also has a YouTube channel of over 219k subscribers where he regularly posts news and updates regarding cryptocurrency.

There are different bundles offered within the program. The most popular one named Gold bundle contains over 25 hour worth of training materials such as the Beginner course, Intermediate course, Advanced course, Pro course, Stock and Crypto course, dominating strategies for day traders, swing traders, and long-term investors, and Steve’s Famous Hybrid Strategy. The alerts service in Steve’s Famous Hybrid Indicator and Steve’s NVT-HV Indicator are also included in this bundle. The said bundle retails for $5,887.

There is also an offer for purchasing Steve’s Famous Hybrid Indicator alone for $4,897. Finally, there is an indicator bundle that offers a buy and sell alerts service for other indicators such as DC MACD, 21 club, Steve’s Fib Ma, and Steve’s Heat Worm. The said alert service along with notes and demo videos on each indicator retails for $3,800.

The said cost of the program is quite expensive but on par with similar stocks trading and alert service such as Bauer’s Power Picks and Weekly Profit Generator. Still, I do not recommend paying for this when there is no money back guarantee offered at all and reviews saying that the main strategy it employs (combination of RSI, Money Flow Index, and Stochastics RSI) is very generic and something you can learn from free resources on the internet. Worst, most reviews indicates that the said strategy is terrible and is likely to make you lose money than make profit.

Speaking of reviews, the program has received very detailed complaints on Better Business Bureau (BBB). According to one complainant, the course was unsatisfactory and “in no way commensurate to Advanced and Pro level trading.” Basically, furthering my point earlier that it is the same or even worse than other trading strategies posted on the internet for free. This is consistent with the negative feedback on Trust Pilot wherein others added that they lost thousands of dollars following Steve’s strategy.

Crypto Crew University Review

The complainant on BBB also mentioned that the negative reviews are being censored and provided receipts of people reviews who were allegedly deleted off forums and YouTube comments. Again, this is consistent with reviews saying the same complaint on Trust Pilot and forums outside Crypto Crew University’s site. “This person is trying to get my review on this website offline,” a reviewer from Trust Pilot warned. The unprofessional and passive aggressive replies from Steve low-key threatening those who leave negative reviews is also a huge indication of said censorship.

Similar to options and stocks trading, it is recommended to learn the basics of cryptocurrency trading on free resources first before purchasing a costly program and just blindly following the trade signals made by a so-called guru. Investing in crypto currency is also not advised for beginners since it is more volatile than stocks trading and is infested with shitcoins and rug pull scams. It is also important to note that it is almost impossible to retrieve your cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens (NFT) if you are hacked since cryptocurrency trading usually happens in a decentralized market. A recent phishing attack on Open Sea NFT marketplace shows this vulnerability that even a hardware wallet cannot prevent the loss of property.

There is no sufficient evidence to say that Steve and his Crypto Crew University program is a scam. However, I am not inclined to recommend this overpriced program. Why pay for a hefty price when you can get similar training on the internet for free? I also do not advise cryptocurrency trading since it is very volatile in nature and not beginner friendly. Ultimately, I do not think that the positive feedback I mentioned earlier is true. Maybe it is for one or two students but ultimately, making profit from following Steve’s strategy is likely coincidental at best.

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