The Copy Cure Review (Marie Forleo, Laura Belgray)

Marie Forleo, Laura Belgray

Laura Belgray mentioned her friendship with Marie Forleo multiple times. “My friend Marie Forleo has done so much for my business, it’s not even funny,” she suggested. However, it’s not your typical friendship appreciation post, but more of a plug to Marie’s program where Laura is affiliated with. Friends, you say? More like business partners. No problem in it, though. Without the relationship dynamics they have, I won’t have The Copy Cure program to review below.

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If it wasn’t quite obvious, Marie and Laura are the duo behind The Copy Cure. From its name, The Copy Cure is a step-by-step training that’s all about effective copywriting. Here, you’ll learn how to write in a very convincing way. The type where the majority of those who’ll read your copy will agree wholeheartedly and eat up whatever you suggested. Specifically, they mentioned how they’ll transform your writing into a “powerful, persuasive, and 100% YOU….”

It doesn’t matter if you’re a novice who can’t be bothered to put up their thoughts in ink before. Because now, after learning how to write The Copy Cure way, you will (effectively). Heck, even the seasoned writers who might’ve hit the ceiling of their skills are welcomed here as well.

No, this is not exclusive for the typical writers, the ones churning out their own books. This is also for business owners who want to personally make an impact on their business. Being great at writing sales copy is like having a superpower. Not as flashy as the ability to shoot some cobwebs out your wrist, but it gets you clicks, engagement, and the kaching!

How will they teach it, then? Primarily, it’s through four video training modules. The first module will cover writing style and choosing the appropriate words to get your message across. Essentially, the how-tos to get started with writing sales copy. Next is the second module that goes on the mistakes and bad practices every copywriter should avoid.

Meanwhile, the third module is focused on the sales aspect of copywriting. The attention-grabbing stuff that turns readers into patrons like the call to action, headlines, and personal profile. Lastly, the fourth module is about doing all the things the first three modules taught you, but in a more consistent and timely manner. Tips regarding how to get away with the dreaded writer’s block are also included.

Besides the video training, you’ll also get the following: Written transcripts and downloadable audio recordings; practice sheets; templates and writing prompts; eight bonus masterclass; and access to live virtual group coaching calls with Marie and Laura. The price of The Copy Cure? Well, The Copy Cure cost a one time payment of $1,499 or ten monthly payments of $169 each.

If you have an established biz already and you want to build a brand that resonates with your audience, then taking a course in copywriting might be worth it. Personally, I would suggest checking out free resources first or at the very least, start with cheaper courses than the pricey The Copy Cure.

In contrast, I won’t suggest taking The Copy Cure at all if your purpose is to earn money with only copywriting. The program is structured to cater business owners and not freelancers. That’s why I don’t think they’re the best for the latter group.

Like, where’s the discussion about building an appealing portfolio? Got none on where to find clients and how to land copywriting deals with them too. Freelancing is a “show, don’t tell” industry and The Copy Cure only discussing how to write well is not enough.

The Copy Cure Review

Besides, I’m doubtful whether they’ll really teach you writing without sleaze like they claim on the program’s site. I don’t know about you, but I would rather sell my stuff without the BS. Just like the memefied farmer says, “It ain’t much, but it’s honest work.” Trust me, you can be ethical and far from being broke at the same time. Talks about ethics aside, why do I have the said doubts in the first place?

They come off as very salesy to me, but that’s not the only thing that makes me doubtful. I also get some bad jujus from Marie’s published works. Take her Everything is Figureoutable book for instance. It’s not the worst piece of literature out there, but it gets a lot of undeserved attention despite not being the best either. Y’know, something not regarded as a word vomit and an overload of fake enthusiasm, at least.

On one hand, her copywriting must be great for that subpar self-help book to sell like pancakes. But, on the other hand, the lies and deceptions she had to cough up to sell it is something I’m not okay with. Would you be down to learn from someone with a reputation of being sleazy and Tony Robbins lite? Because I’m not.

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