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Terms Daddy Review: Real Estate Copycat?

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Joel Sangerman understands that there are many people who want to get started in real estate investing. But only a few people are able to push through with it because it can get wildly confusing. Not to worry though, he says. Joel claims that he can simplify it all for you. And he’s got the $171,000 wire transfer (pure profit) to prove it. He also says that you can do it, too. And invest in real estate without even risking your own money or credit score. Yes, you may have heard it before a lot of times, so will this guy be any different? Let’s find out in this review.

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His only requirement for you to be able to work for him? You just have to follow some simple instructions. Joel says in his YouTube ad, “Let me give you one example of how my system works. Let’s say a seller has a house where they owe almost as much as it’s worth, right? Now the seller’s gonna get no cash out of it no matter what they do in terms of selling it because realtor fees and closing costs eat whatever small equity they have. So we simply close with them right away and we take over the loan payments so the seller can move on.”

Joel also promises that these deals are out here by the thousands. He continues in his ad, “Now. Here’s how we profit massively from this. I’m gonna sell to a tenant or buyer and get a 5-figure down payment that I get to keep no matter what. I’m also gonna earn the difference between the monthly payment the buyer makes me and what I pay on the existing bank loan. Now if they ultimately buy outright, I’ll make even more. Or if not, we just repeat the sales process for even bigger paydays. This is just one of many strategies we deploy.”

“And you can easily learn to do this. So let me show you how and give you the confidence to get started risk-free. I created a free mini course that goes into full details of all the strategies I use to earn 5- and 6-figure checks regularly, allowing me to be my own boss. Now I’m gonna show you how to do all this step-by-step so that you can get started in your spare time. So go ‘head and click the link below before it vanishes and you can’t find it again.” And this is where Joel’s YouTube advertisement about his training program ends.

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But honestly, even with all the explanation on the ads, all the detailing, and technical terms being blurted out of it, I still fail to see how Joel’s real estate business model is better than the others. Even more, he claims that he can simplify investing in real estate for you. When in fact, his words made it even more complicated for the average investor. It’s honestly much simpler to engage in real estate flipping or directly investing in a real estate fund than this business model. If average real estate investors can’t even understand the business model behind this at first glance, then it may even be harder for them to grasp the concept once they’re inside the program.

But even then, the real estate industry itself is not a cheap undertaking. You can’t simply go into real estate on the spur of the moment. Starting a real estate-related business is a big life decision that should be carefully considered. Many reality television programs romanticize the process of purchasing and selling real estate assets as if it were straightforward. This industry is not as simple as the media portrays it to be. It entails a number of intricate processes, all of which you must comprehend (best example, this online course). You’ve got a long road ahead of you, and it’s not going to be easy. Expect to face a number of challenges, including budget overruns and rejection.

Overall, Joel Sangerman’s Terms Daddy program isn’t something that I can recommend, especially if you’re someone who has no prior understanding of the real estate industry. It may be quite useful for those who are quite experienced with the industry, however. If you’re one of the people who qualify for this, you can book a call with Joe’s team for this. There’s no mention anywhere about the price, however. You can bet that it’s going to be expensive. But then again, it might be much better to build and invest in your own digital real estate first. It’s beginner-friendly, yet is capable of giving you much more earnings. Click on the link below to learn more about it.

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