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Dan Vas started his 2022 with some epic travel. Dude went to three European countries and was still able to work and make money from there. All thanks to his eCom biz, he says. “Thanking my 20 year old self for refusing to give into the 9-5 rat race, for taking a chance on himself, and believing in the power of his dreams,” he continues. The said biz is the same with what he’s offering to teach in Ecom Freedom.

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Before anything else, let’s focus on knowing Dan first. Like any other gurus out there, Dan started his career as a corporate employee, the usual 9-5er. Despite hating his job, he pushed through it because he’s desperate to pay off his humongous student loan. Around $40k to be exact for a college degree that’s worthless according to him. Sounds like someone pretending to have an educational attainment they don’t really have, but carry the hell on….

One day, he observed how his co-workers had the same miserable and bored look from the mind-numbing cubicle job. In his mind, that’s enough resiliency BS and decided to search for the right one. Y’know, the online business fit for him that’ll effectively retire him from his corporate job and give him enough money to fund his dreams of traveling around the world.

That online business he’s talking about is obviously eCommerce, Amazon FBA in particular. He didn’t start with it right away, though. He did some other business first which he explained the backstory exhaustively, much more than his success with eCom to my surprise (or not).

First, he tried landscaping. He noped out the first day because, well, everything went wrong. He only had a sh*tty car and a sh*ttier lawnmower that leaked gas all over the said car once he tried packing it up in the trunk. Then, thanks to some YouTuber, he was inspired to pursue window cleaning next. Sh*t’s good for $500 a day, but it’s not good enough for Dan.

How about $32k a month instead? That’s the figure he’s claiming for his Amazon FBA store anyway. He dropped that figure casually, refused to elaborate further, and left (figuratively) to move on immediately to plugging his YouTube channel and Ecom Freedom program. So, in 2017 alone, he went from starting an Amazon FBA to apparently being expert enough to get an Amazon FBA course going. Yeah, riiight.

That concludes Dan’s story. Nothing out of the ordinary, just straight out of the usual guru script. And if you didn’t pick up what I’m trying to point out above, I’m trying to say that there’s no way the dude’s a legit eCommerce expert. Like, hey, you just can’t say here that you’re a fast learner to learn  it all within a year. 

Back it up with cold and hard data first, and he got none, of course. Factor the timeline in here and issa wrap. Assuming that he really got a winning store running in 2017, any insights from that year would likely not apply with the much more difficult to tread Amazon FBA of today. This shift happened in 2018 too, mind you.

Dan Vas Review

Him likely faking his expertise or, at best, having some insights that don’t mean sh*t in today’s FBA shows in the quality of his Ecom Freedom. I would spare you with the nitty-gritty here, or you could read this another review of mine if you want to know more, but let’s just say that his sh*t’s terrible. It’s overpriced (i.e. Ecom Freedom costs $1,497), it’s falsely advertised (dude is promoting email support as one-on-one mentorship), and it’s notorious for not honoring refunds.

What’s worse is his response (or non-response) to these accusations. His students voicing out their frustrations within the support group as expected? Blocked. Heck, some are even insulted behind the scenes. How ‘bout reviews just like this that calls him out for his sh*tty Ecom Freedom? Sneakily file a fake DMCA request in an attempt to hide the real scoop ‘bout him and his program. 

Overall, he’s either trying to silence anyone spitting facts or staying off the net and going lie-low (the vacay I mentioned above might be a form of hiding after all) until the issue dies down on its own. Unfortunately for him, it won’t probably die ever aka it would not be forgotten anytime soon and here’s a review to make sure it stays that way. To sum it up, I’m not recommending Dan Vas and his Ecom Freedom program. No way I’ll suggest this when even the previous employees that works for him and this program before has nothing good to say about it.

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