Dan Giordano Review (Business Coach)

Daniel “Dan” Giordano began his business journey 20 years ago and he is one of those “starting from scratch” type of people. He acknowledged the transformation of the marketing industry, started to adapt to the new ways and now he’s known to be one of the most successful digital marketing gurus in the industry and claimed to have assisted many other entrepreneurs worldwide into transform their lives and businesses.

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He’s an ex-house painter helping people decorate their homes and live out their dreams. As a family man, Dan decided to build a business on his own that he could run from home and try to live his dream. With no marketing experience, no website and no list when he started his business journey, he made use of the internet and created millions of dollars in sales with his clients. Is that even possible?

“In this industry today, there’s a lot of stuff out there. Even just a gadget, for example a phone, has a lot of distractions in it and there are even more distractions in our environment. I’ve noticed more and more people are getting sidetracked with all the social stuff. Social stuff is great, it’s one key component to your business, but it’s only one of many. And you use it for long hours a day without realizing that you’ve spent a lot of time doing nothing”, Dan explains about the distractions we’re facing everyday.

“I always talk about being a sniper”, he continues. “Go on doing what you gotta do and get out of it as soon as you’re done with it. That works for me as I put down a list of the tasks I needed to get done for the day and I learn from it every single day”. Even if you tally and add all of your “investments” buying learning materials like personal development or digital marketing material etc, as long as you learned something, it will become an asset.

He believes that it doesn’t matter how much you invest on the things that you know are capable of giving you tips for your business, if you learn at least one thing in each program that you have tried, then all’s worth it. You can bring it with you and it will eventually enhance your business together with the clients that you work with. A road to prosperity can easily be done with team effort and not by doing it all alone.

Over the past two decades of diddling, finding the right softwares and tools to make his and his client’s businesses prosper, he has created a book called Business Coaching Profits which has a tagline of “10 easy ways to get more qualified clients with a proven digital marketing roadmap”.  These ways are already proven and tested and he claimed it to be recession-proof ways that will effectively last longer for more generations to come.

Some companies still stick their heads to the sand and avoid making any changes, even though we’re already in the digital era. They still prefer the old and conventional way of marketing which hinders the ability to grow their business and eventually lose all potential clients. He believes that if you’re not growing your online presence, then there will come a time that you’ll go out of business.

The most common places that a lot of people visit nowadays are social media networks, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or blogs etc. This is where your most potential market is and digital marketing can encompass a variety of concepts, techniques, strategies and more. You don’t need to be a genius at it, all you have to do is to know it by heart and understand all the principles behind it.

He has generated millions of dollars in any possible niche that you can think of. May it be business, real estate, investment, credit management, coaching, name it. Whatever you decide to pursue, you can always count on Dan to teach you ways on how to be successful in that industry. And of course, different niche coaching comes with different costs. You can schedule a call from his website to know how much you will be paying for your specific concern.

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