Dapp University Bootcamp Review (Gregory McCubbin)

Gregory McCubbin

Gregory McCubbin is not a musician by profession —not a singer, a band member, nor a music teacher— so don’t get fooled by the picture of him rocking a slick guitar above. Instead, he’s taking your programming skills to the next level in Dapp University Bootcamp, so you can be a pro blockchain developer. Apparently, he’s one of ‘em devs for the web 3.0 and wants you to become one as well. My review about the said bootcamp starts below.

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Dapp University Bootcamp is Gregory’s beginner course to point you towards a blockchain development career. He didn’t say outright that he only covers the basics, even lowkey implying that you’ll eventually be a blockchain dev with only his course which is far from the truth, yet he’s able to mention how lucrative the said career is. Average salary of $155k a year in the Golden Gate city, he says, although I’m not particularly impressed with the figure if you’re also a resident of the said city. Living in Frisco is so damn expensive, y’all.

He also mentions that what he has to offer in the bootcamp is a resource he wished he had when he first started. “It goes LIGHT YEARS beyond any of the free content I’ve released on Youtube,” he continues. And yes, the statement confirms that he has a YouTube channel named after the bootcamp which is surprisingly good figure-wise. I mean, 525k subs and 24 million views is nothing to scoff at.

The said statement also subtly mention his reasoning on why he charges $499 as the price for Dapp University Bootcamp despite having similar contents for free. Aside from being “light years” ahead  beyond what he teach in YouTube, he also mentions that it’s too valuable to give away for free.

The said reason sounds fair to me and should be the end of discussion, but he can’t keep his mouth shut for a hot sec. I’m talking about the dude claiming that he’s also doing his students a favor for monetizing his course. The only explanation I could think of on why he claims this is something about the increased likelihood of taking action when you pay for something. That, or he loves his marketing schtick of being over the top and saying unnecessary things. Could be both.

Anyhow, what you’ll get inside the bootcamp is a three-part training in video form. The first section, titled Blockchain Developer Bootcamp, contains the introductory modules to warm you up with the foundation of blockchain development. The basics of basics if I may say. Here, the topics includes the following: Intro to Ethereum, Intro to wallet, Intro to Dapps, Intro to cryptocurrency exchanges, Intro to React.js, and so much more.

On the other hand, the remaining sections in Capstone Project Part 1 and Part 2 is where the actual programming (and blockchain development) begins. Lessons taught here are the following: Create the project, Smoke test, Smart contract tests, Transfer tokens, UI setup, Redux, Selectors, Order book, Price Chart, Cancel orders, Fill orders, deploy contracts, etc.

There’s also optional “bonuses” in marketing toolkit and expert coaching upon checkout of Dapp University Bootcamp’s standard package— the bonus label here being weird since you still need to pay for it. Again, I don’t think Gregory is doing us any favor to call it “bonuses” just because of the existence of the two products. The audacity, right? Whatever. Just so you know, the two “upsells”, corrected the label myself BTW, are whatever its name implies and might cost you around a few more hundred bucks to purchase.

Dapp University Bootcamp Review

My thoughts about the program is summarized by a review I found in a forum saying that the bootcamp is a “clickbait joke” and nothing else. From his PR stuff, you might think that getting a lucrative job in blockchain development is as easy as attending his course. Nope, it’s more complicated than that.

He’s trying to make you believe that everything here is easy peasy lemon squeezy, but, in reality, it’s more like stressed depressed lemon zest. On brand for him to be f*cking fair since he probably thinks that getting big in the music scene was easy before. He’s dead wrong and that’s why the failed musician who majored songwriting in Belmont University is here teaching dev stuff instead of making music, pffffft.

That’s also why I really can’t call him an actual expert in the field. Other reviews agrees with me and it’s not only about the said college degree. The consensus was he barely understands what he’s teaching, but, then, glossing over some details and not taking into consideration that his bootcamp is for beginners. “Better than nothing,” they say on the outdated course. Personally, I’ll take nothing than wasting half a grand for a half-assed bootcamp.

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