DashClicks Review (Chad Kodary)

Chad Kodary

Chad Kodary doesn’t post that much about Dashclicks on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. And it’s fine as he still has other ways to make his name known as the founder and CEO of this white label digital marketing agency and software. Instead of being active on traditional social networking platforms, what he does is maintaining a stable presence within informative webinars and YouTube uploads. What he shares about his thang, I’ll write in my DashClicks review below.

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But before we talk about DashClicks itself, lemme discuss what white label means first. Bet y’all not familiar with it. No, this has nothing  to do with a certain whiskey brand. Context matters, my drunk reader. So, if the white label here is not related to whiskey or any other alcohol in particular, then what is it about?

Generally speaking, white label is the practice of using your own brand on a product/service (that usually starts generic) instead of the manufacturer’s. Like, the manufacturers actually made it, but you secure a permission with ‘em to package it the way you please as if it’s made specifically for you [it’s not]. The less exclusive and less customized version of private label, basically.

In marketing, white label specifically means hiring another firm (SMMA for instance) for your marketing needs. The firm would then create and run a marketing campaign on your behalf. End result would have your own branding all over it, and no indication that the firm you hired made it. In short, it’s like outsourcing.

With DashClick, you’ll either get a specific service, a DFY white label marketing campaign, or a software that includes various marketing tools in one unified package. If you want them to do your marketing via the first option (marketing campaign), you have to pay a separate subscription (price starts at $99-$199 per month) for each DashClick service.

What are those services, then? Well, you can choose from the following: Backlinks reseller service, TikTok ads fulfillment service, listings syndication add-on, content writing services, SEO reseller services, social media management and posting services, Google ads PPC reselling services, and Facebook ads fulfillment services.

Meanwhile, the software comes with built-in tools on monitoring analytics; managing contacts, projects, inbound leads, and reviews; and automating deals within your sales pipeline. To add, InstaReports, InstaSites, and Templates are also included here to quickly generate performance reports, build custom websites, and create a custom email and SMS templates, respectively. 

To achieve desired results from the software, it’s important that you utilize its several features together. Like, you can complete use cases such as automated prospecting, sales improvement, and outsource fulfillment by only using DashClick software with a single subscription payment that costs around $97-$597 monthly (or $1,044-$6,444 yearly).

With that said, DashClicks, at the very core, is where your marketing, sales, fulfillment, and service team can work in unity. No need to invest in bajillion different apps as their all-in-one software platform is usually enough for your team needs. Don’t have any of the said teams? Well, you can outsource them with DashClick’s marketing campaign fulfillment offer.

DashClicks Review

Personally, I think that this offer of Chad is as legit as it gets. I see nothing online to say otherwise. In fact, most I see is love and praise towards DashClicks. If there’s any ill reaction, it’s more of a disappointment with a certain feature, and not vitriolic rage from being completely scammed. One happy reviewer even called it “DashDollars” for how effective it is for her biz.

Never have I anticipated that a dude rocking too skinny, too ripped jeans is legit. My first guess is he’d act tough and rugged while unironically flexing his Sonic-blue, delicate-as-a-baby lambo. Y’know, lifestyle check to get DashClicks’ cheques. But nah, Chad is not about the fake guru stuff. Just Chad being a chad, nothing to see here.

It’s good, alright, but I’ll say that it’s not the very best. Not in all aspects, at least. Like, I saw people choosing Vendasta over it because of the better price, support, and features. Only upside of DashClicks is its slicker UI, so it’s up to you on what to prioritize in your purchase decision. You could also learn how to do some of their services, so you’ll be the seller like ‘em yourself. Your choice.

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