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E Com Dave Review

E Com Dave

E Com Dave shared reasons why Amazon FBA is still worth it this 2022 in his latest Instagram post. One, the majority of consumers rely on Amazon for eCommerce. Two, it’s easier than ever to manage orders and deliveries with built-in Prime tools and features. Three, it doesn’t require outside marketing. And four, the path to scale your biz here is crystal-clear. That’s what he said, anyway. Is he telling the truth? Scroll below to my review to learn more.

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FYI, the Instagram post I mentioned also encourages you to comment “AMAZON” so he, E Com Dave, can slide in your DMs with a link to his free training. That’s his preferred way of sending out links currently. Even the latest videos on his YouTube channel links a messenger account of his instead of directing you straight to the training. 

Personally, I lowkey hate this “PM sent” culture. Just spill the deets in the comments and/or description box, you ain’t my boo, not a friend  even, to talk to me personally like that. Sorry, not sorry. I won’t hesitate to gatekeep my personal inbox especially when E Com Dave’s message is probably just a link to a sales pitch. How about you?

Regardless, let’s debunk the reasons E Com Dave mentions as to why Amazon FBA is still worth it this 2022. He’s not wrong on the first one that most people are buying their stuff online on Amazon. In fact, data shows that Amazon’s share of the US eCommerce market hit 49%. To put it into perspective, the figure is so much higher than three of its competitors combined. I’m talking about Ebay at 6.6%, Apple at 3.9%, and Walmart at 3.7%. Insane, right?

Does that mean that Amazon FBA is a worthwhile endeavor? Not necessarily. The high population of consumers also means an equally high number of competitors as a seller. Good luck finding some eyeballs looking at your store when there’s like hundreds, or even thousands, that are similar to what you’re doing. Can’t expect a main character moment here where you can just waltz in and instantly become the best. Nope, you’ll probably be at the lowest of low of the totem pole when you started just now.

Two is also true, but it entails another headache other than packing ‘em orders by yourself. And that is the cost that comes with it. That’ll make your already teeny weeny profit margin even smaller. It could be lowkey disastrous even when you’re not able to sell yo sh*t which is highly likely to happen. Not only do you buy the said inventory with your own cash, you’ll also be paying Amazon for storing them in their big ass crib. All that upfront payment down the drain if you can’t make sales.

E Com Dave Review

Three is just misleading BS. Alright, you can live with only Amazon’s very own PPC offer and in-house marketing campaigns. It doesn’t mean that it’ll be less costly and stress-inducing than setting up ads outside of it. Heck, even Amazon has its own SEO just like Google. Both require broad understanding on how this works, so your store ends up well on the searches. In short, I really cannot call only using Amazon’s internal marketing as a W. Any type of marketing is still marketing, umkay?

Finally, I get nothing but confusion from E Com Dave’s fourth statement. Scaling for me is expanding your business without considerably using up financial resources to do it. In what way is it possible for an Amazon biz to really scale without pumping more money in it? Can’t think of any, really.

Obviously, my answer would be no on my opening question. E Com Dave ain’t telling the whole truth. And since I don’t think Amazon FBA is a worthy business model after all, I might as well point you towards not purchasing any courses from E Com Dave. Not when the price of E Com Dave’s courses is likely around a thousand bucks upwards. Also, why would you learn from someone like him who seems to have stopped doing his FBA thing altogether, and opt to just sell some dream based on his past success instead? That’s what I got upon searching up his company called Scheuer Brand LLC.

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