Amz Automation Review (Kevin David)

Kevin David

Kevin David is done with meat riding crypto. Or at least, he’s putting it aside for now until the nightmarish bear market is over. For the meantime, he goes back to his roots and post a whole lot of Amazon contents again. At first glance, you would’ve thought that Kevin is just sharing great finds. Nah. As the guy behind a DFY Amazon FBA program in Amz Automation, these trending products are more of a must-sell rather than must-buy.

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He got products like mosquito bite sucker, smart tongs, ready-to-paint unicorn kit, and many more featured on his page. Personally, I’m a sucker for such. The products, not the biz. Like, seriously, he’s not making any effort to hype it up, but I’m still intrigued. Hot products are HOT and their appeal is usually enough for ‘em to end up in my shopping cart. Some on my porch. Is it unnecessary? Absolutely. But hey, at least it’s better than some of y’all wasting money on a sh*tty course. Just sayin’.

So, if Kevin is not interested in selling the product itself, what’s the purpose of posting ‘em, then? Well, it’s all about selling the business model, Amazon FBA, and in turn, selling his programs on it including Amz Automation. The way he pull this off is as follows: Step one, find trending products off the web; step two, flex ‘em profit margins by showing how much it sells on Amazon versus how much you can buy it on Alibaba; step three, enumerate some of the strengths of Amazon FBA as a business model; and step four, ask for a comment of a specific word, so he can dm you about how to get started with the biz aka the link to his course.

Jokes on him, no amount of marketing would make me recommend Amazon FBA. And for those who don’t know this bit somehow, you can just pick another biz with less risk, less competition, and less hassle than FBA. Seriously. It’s not even that lucrative now while requiring tons of capitals to start, so why settle for this?

DFY Amazon FBA offers just like Kevin’s Amz Automation just makes it worse. Makes the FBA thang a worse gamble than it is inherently. Who wants that, right? Can’t blame the ones who fall for this hook, line, and sinker, though. Instead of being honest with the financial risks that’s all on you, the typical FBA gurus, the scummy ones, would spin it as them doing all the heavy lifting on your biz while you sit back and relax. You do sit back, but, more likely than not, the experience with this is quite the opposite of a relaxing one. Unless wasting lots of dollah bills is right up your alley, it’ll be a stress-filled ride fosho.

Amz Automation Review

Doesn’t help that you’re going to work with Kevin David here who was called out for caring more about making money for himself than his reputation. The unhealthy one BTW, the type who’ll lowkey scam his fellow gurus and straight up copy their hit videos, sometimes even word for word. This is also the same guy who got caught faking sales screenshots to sell his junk. Caught because he forgot putting a comma where it needs be, f*cking LOL. Definitely a “let’s eat Grandpa” dude.

If faking receipts in broad daylight is not enough to deter you from availing his service, how about his notoriety for being a deal breaker. Like, forget getting a sh*tty store, how ‘bout  getting nothing instead? A review that encapsulates this concern is as follows: “They absolutely failed to deliver on promoted services, mishandled communication all along my experience with them, failed miserably at implementation of the core services of their promoted program, and even managed to expose me to potential USPTO legal jeopardy.”

To top it off, he’ll charge you 30% of the profits, if there’s any at all. Having a partition of profits in the said setup is quite reasonable, but the figure here is too steep IMO. Apparently, the cost of availing Amz Automation that can already go up to $100k is not enough. Kevin needs more. Geez, can’t really trust anyone with two first name, I guess. With that, I wouldn’t recommend Amz Automation or any of Kevin’s offers.

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